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I always think it is fun and challenging to figure out what you can actually receive here in Mexico. There was information provided awhile back regarding ordering prescription eyeglasses from Zenni Optical (zennioptical.com) out of Hong Kong. I just had my eyes checked and needed new glasses so I went on this site to check them out. I immediately went to FAQ regarding shipping and discovered that they ship to Mexico for only $9.95. So I decided, why not? and I proceeded to go through their website.

First, you upload a photo of yourself and then are able to try on different frames and see how they look on you. Then if it is not a fixed plastic frame, you can change the lens shape in the frame you have selected and see how this looks on you. It was helpful for me to already know my frame size for my face; lens width, bridge height, temple length, and I found this information on the inside of my current frames. This is typically three numbers that look something like this; 51-18-135. Once you select a frame, you are then given the specifics of that frame including the measurements for the above measurements and others, whether the prescription can be progressives, etc. It is also helpful to know your pulpillary distance, but not a problem if you don’t, as this website has a ruler and guides you through how to measure this yourself or have a friend do it for you.

Once you find the frame and lens styles you like, you then place these in your cart on the website. You are then led through the ordering process of entering your prescription, pulpillary distance, whether you want anti-fingerprint coating, whether you want clip-on sunglasses, etc. I found the entire process to be extremely easy. The total for rimless, sport temple frames, progressive lenses, anti-glare/anti-reflective/anti-fingerprint coatings, clip-on sunglasses, and shipping to Mexico was a grand total of $107.00.

I ordered these glasses on March 4th. They were shipped from Hong Kong on March 11th, and I received them at my house here in San Carlos on March 21st (the projected shipping time was 7 – 14 days). I received an email when they were shipped from Hong Kong providing me with a tracking number. From the Hong Kong Post website I was able to connect to the Mexico parcel service website, enter this tracking number, and watch my glasses as they entered the Country, exited Mexico City, came and left Hermosillo then Guaymas, and then when they were received in San Carlos and were with the messenger.

They came with a hard case, a cleaning cloth, replacement screws and nose pads, and a tiny screwdriver. Now they are on my face and I can see for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles…….oh yeah.

by Shelly Johnson

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