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Bahia – Neighborhoods of San Carlos

Sector Bahía is close to Tetakawi and has beautiful views of the Bahía. Depending on where you are, you can enjoy sunrise and / or sunset views.

Several great walks and hikes start here.

Caracol – Neighborhoods of San Carlos

The Caracol Peninsula is located near the marina and steps from great local restaurants, bars and nightlife. There is a palm-lined semi-private beach within the neighborhood called Cotton Cove that is great for swimming, snorkeling and kayaking / paddleboarding. The beach is on the Bahia on overlooks Tetakawi.

Most homes in the Caracol have sweeping views over the water and / or mountains.

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Villa Hermosa – Neighborhoods of San Carlos

Villa Hermosa is close to the main boulevard and walking distance to multiple beaches and to dozens of local restaurants, bars and other nightlife.

El Creston – Neighborhoods of San Carlos

Situated between Tetakawi Blvd and the waterfront, the Creston neighborhood is familiar to most San Carlos residents as the southern half of the community’s main commercial strip.

Ranchitos – Neighborhoods of San Carlos

Situated between the more intense development closer to Tetakawi Blvd and the hills to the north (“Cerro Canteras”), the Ranchitos comprise one of the largest sectors in San Carlos. Are they really “little ranches”, as the name implies?

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