Horseback Riding

Horseback riding in San Carlos Sonora Mexico is fun for the whole family. You can explore the desert and ride along the beaches.

Make your way through beautiful desert scenery, discovering wildlife along the way … or thrill to the ride through the waves and along the wind-swept shores by the sand dunes.

These stables are easy to get to and will take you on exciting guided tours and trail rides for all levels of riders.

Rancho Nacapule

You can enjoy our Sonoran desert with our amazing trail rides. We offer 1, 2 and 3 hour trail rides and sunset rides for all levels and abilities. Ride costs start at only 200 pesos.

Call today to book your ride. Ask for specials, events and package deals. English and Spanish are spoken. For English, call Natalie at 622-101-2208 and for Spanish, call Hector at 622-111-0743.

Phone: 622-101-2208 (English); 622-111-0743 (Spanish); in US call 623-444-5007
Facebook: Rancho Nacapule

Astrid’s Ranch – El Rancho del Desierto

Horseback Riding san carlos
Ready to horse around a little? Then come ride marvelous alabaster beaches or enjoy the solitude of the mystical Sonoran desert with Astrid’s Ranch – El Rancho del Desierto.

They offer many affordable guided trail rides for all levels and ages of riders, ranging from 1 hour – 4 hours, every day of the week.

Rides cost only $25 USD per hour. Trail rides along the beach. Through the desert. See the Catch-22 movie location. For longer rides in cooler weather, there are trail rides to the canyons and to La Manga. The guides are experienced horsemen and they’ll provide you and your friends with lots of fun and adventure.

Phone: 044-622-855-5930
Address: El Rancho del Desierto is located by KM 18.50. Drive on the dirt roadway on the right just before the entrance of Algodones beach (there is a sign) where the seminary is, and then take the second dirt road to the right (where another sign is). Stop by or call Astrid at 044-622-855-5930.
Horseback Riding san carlos mexicoHorseback Riding san carlos mexicoHorseback Riding san carlos mexicoHorseback Riding san carlos mexico

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