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Do You Need Passport to go to Mexico?

Do you need passport to go to Mexico? Yes.
For the latest entry requirements for Mexico, click here.

What can I bring in to Mexico duty free?

What can I bring into Mexico duty free? Items allowed in your personal luggage. Learn what is “personal luggage”, exempt from duty & Import allowances

How to get to San Carlos / Guaymas: Flying

Discover flights to Guaymas. Details about the closest international airport to San Carlos, connections from the US and Canada, availability of taxis or other modes of transportation.

Driving to Mexico

Driving to Mexico is easy and safe with these tips on checkpoints, tolls, Mexican insurance, driving map, drive times. Driving Highway 15 in Mexico.

If you’re driving, you need Mexico Auto Insurance

Whether you’re driving a car, truck, rv, motorcycle or rental car, make sure that you are insured to drive in Mexico. It’s the law.

Mexico Toll Roads & Travel Time

Mexico Toll Roads & Travel Time: map your route and estimate driving time and toll costs

Mexican Bus

Mexican Bus Information on Tufesa, TAP, TBC, Estrellas del Pacifico and Mayitos.

Travelling with your Pet

Rules for bringing your pet to Mexico and for returning or travelling through the US

In case of a medical emergency in Mexico, are you insured?

San Carlos is a beautiful destination for international visitors and residents who come to relax and enjoy the warm sunshine, soft sand and gentle ocean breeze.  While enjoying yourself in Mexico, suppose you had a medical emergency. Would your domestic insurance cover your medical bills?  In most instances, the answer is no.

San Carlos Sonora Maps

San Carlos Sonora maps: what to do, where to stay, where to eat in San Carlos Sonora Mexico. Plus maps of Guaymas and Hermosillo.

Green Angels

If you are taking a road trip through Mexico, whether by car or RV, one number you should keep handy is for the Green Angels.

Guaymas Cruise Ship Port

Set sail for Guaymas Sonora and embark on an unforgettable journey that will leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Ferry Guaymas | Baja Ferries | Guaymas to Santa Rosalia

Ferry Guaymas to Santa Rosalia Mexico. Contact information & schedule.

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