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This week’s San Carlos newsletter: February 1, 2023

San Carlos and Guaymas Photos

Sunset through El Leon, by Leo Torres

An exciting game of ping pong at Club Deportivo, by Pam Jonsson. You can join in the fun every Thursday at 3:00pm. For more info, call Fern at 622-226-1519.

A lenticular cloud formed over Tetakawi on Sunday (it’s either that or a UFO!), by Don Shepard

Sunrise on Marina San Carlos, by Ron Fitch

Calm clear waters at Cotton Cove in the Caracol, by Oscar Martinez

A rare occurrence in San Carlos — check out this fog across the water on Monday morning, by Rada SC

San Carlos Weather, News & Marketplace

News & Marketplace

  • Join us on Facebook for photos, event updates and more (more than 19,400 people already do).
  • On Saturday, February 4 from 9:00am – 1:00pm, shop handmade items from cakes to quilts at the San Carlos Community Church Bazaar. All proceeds benefit the SCCC Benevolence Fund.
  • Día de la Constitucion (Constitution Day) is February 5, but is observed the first Monday in February. It is a public holiday and falls on Monday, February 6 this year. Many businesses, including the Banks, will be closed on Monday.
  • Club Deportivo’s Annual Meeting is Monday, February 6 at 10:00am. Lunch will be served to Life Members.
  • Try Sunset Bar & Grill at Sunrise and enjoy 2 x 1 on breakfast menu items from 8:00am – 11:00am, Thursday – Monday. Mention the promotion to receive the special. Parking is free before 11:00am. The beach is quiet and spectacular during the morning hours.
  • A new strict anti-smoking law bans smoking in public places, even outdoors. It includes no-smoking laws for any workplace and outdoor locations where people gather, such as public squares, parks, beaches and sports stadiums.
  • There is sports equipment, vehicles, boats, houses for sale and rent, and more, listed in the Classifieds. There are also people looking for items, so if you have any to sell, list them now — it’s free.

San Carlos Weather Forecast

This week we’ll have mostly sunny skies. The daytime highs will dip down to 17 C (63 F) on Wednesday, then be 25 – 28 C (77 – 81 F) the rest of the week. The nighttime highs will be 8 – 12 C (45 – 53 F). There’s a 31% chance of rain Wednesday morning, peaking at 10:00am.

Keep an eye on the weather at our San Carlos Weather page with satellite images and live weather feeds.

Property Taxes are Due

To all home owners — your Property Taxes are due.

This year, there is a 15% discount if you pay your Property Taxes at the San Carlos Tax office by March 31, 2023. You will receive your official payment receipt (recibo oficial) right away once you’ve paid at the office.

The San Carlos Tax office is located in Plaza las Palmas (by the CEA water company), and is open Monday to Friday from 8:00am – 1:30pm only.

Payments are accepted by cash (Mexican pesos only), Mexican check, VISA or Mastercard credit card, or debit card. You need to have your tax number, so bring a receipt from a previous year.

You can also pay your property taxes online here.

This Week’s Special Events

Guaymas CINEMEX Movie Theater

Cinemex, the movie theater in Guaymas shows movies in Spanish and oftentimes in English.

Click here to see this week’s movie listings, showtimes, and ticket prices in Guaymas. On the right you can select the days of the week to see which movies are playing and in which language. The movies change on Thursdays and are usually in the theater for only a week, so check the link on Thursday to see what’s new.

This week, Winnie The Pooh: Blood And Honey is playing in English, starting on Thursday.

It is recommended that you buy your tickets at the movie theater.

San Carlos Yacht Club

San Carlos Yacht Club, the only private Yacht Club in San Carlos, has been serving members and guests since the 1980’s. With beautiful facilities overlooking the San Carlos marina, members, guests and the public enjoy a variety of weekly activities. Please consider joining us.

Thursday, February 2: Bistro Night and Trivial Pursuit. Open to the Public. Bar & Club open at 5:00pm and the kitchen starts serving after 5:30pm. Order off our Bistro menu. Trivial Pursuit starts around 6:30pm. Bring your team, it’s free, and compete for prizes (up to 500 pesos) as the Yacht Club hosts Trivial Pursuit game night.

Jack Wheeler Concert & Mexican Buffet on Tuesday, February 7. All are welcome to join us at the Yacht Club for a special Tuesday musical show featuring renown singer/songwriter Jack Wheeler! Open to all, Bar & Club open at 5:00pm and the buffet starts serving after 5:30pm. Jack will play throughout the night.

Sounds like fun? For membership requirements and an application, visit our website at San Carlos Yacht Club or contact Luisa, the Club’s Office Manager, at 622-226-0163 or email Boat ownership is NOT required to be a member. Come join us – it’s a great way to meet new people.

Día de la Candelaria Tamale Fest, February 2

Join us at La Calaca for a special Tamale meal.

February 2 is Día de la Candelaria, and traditionally in Mexico whoever picked the baby Jesus figurine out of the Rosca sweetbread on Three Kings Day (January 6) has to make a meal, traditionally tamales.

You can come and enjoy a Tamale meal special at Calaca on Thursday, February 2.

The Special Menu will be two Tamales: 1 traditional Sonoran with beef and 1 sweet corn for 200 pesos. Served with a hot champurrado drink.

Best to reserve your spot by calling 622-125-7238.

Art & Walk, February 3

On Friday, February 3, Bonifacio’s and Marvida Taproom & Kitchen restaurants are teaming up to bring us urban food, craft beer and art.

This event is the first Art & Walk, and will be held the first Friday of each month. It runs from 2:00pm – midnight.

Eat, drink and browse local art.

There will also be a tattoo artist and piercing.

No cover.

Lorena Robles special performance at Colibrí’s, February 3

Join us on Friday, February 3 at Colibrí Restaurant & Bar for a special performance of one of our local favorites, Lorena Robles.

Enjoy her live music with songs in both Spanish and English, from 6:00pm – 9:00pm.

You’ll receive 2 x 1 martinis during her performance.

Make your reservations by calling 622-115-3466.

Lorena will be performing this and every Friday at Colibrí’s.

Open Flea Market / Tianguis, February 4

Bahia Storage will have a Tianguis / Open Flea Market on Saturday, February 4 from 8:00am to 10:30am.

All sellers are welcome to set-up between 7:00am and 8:00am. The 150 pesos per car vendor fee goes towards educational needs in the community. All vendors are welcome.

For more information, contact Miguel at Bahia Storage at 622-173-0060 or

Rescate Marketplace, every Saturday

Every Saturday, browse the goodies for sale at the Rescate-sponsored Marketplace in the parking lot next to the Thrift Store from 9:00am – 1:00pm.

Many vendors will also be selling their wares at the Marketplace, including food, fresh fruit and vegetables and handcrafted items.

There will be live music to entertain you as you shop.

All vendors are welcome (artisans, cooks, crafters … no tianguis). Vendors should call to reserve a space at 622-126-2112 or 303-246-0275.

Thank you for supporting Rescate de San Carlos.

Mexican Night at La Catrina Restaurant & Gallery, February 4

On Saturday, February 4, La Catrina Restaurant & Gallery is hosting a Mexican Night!

Join us for a delicious Mexican Buffet, from 4:00pm – 8:00pm.

Special guest Lorena Robles will be entertaining you with live Mexican music from 5:00pm – 8:00pm.

The fixed price for the event is 350 pesos. Drinks are not included, but there will be special drinks available.

Make your reservations today by calling 622-123-2584 or 622-151-7798.

La Catrina Restaurant will have a Mexican buffet with entertainment this and every Saturday.

Entertainment Calendar


  • The Mike & Heidi Duo. 5:00pm – 8:00pm, La Palapa Griega.
  • Mario and Tony. 5:00pm – 8:00pm, HammerHead’s Dockside Bar & Grille.
  • Sahuaro. 5:30pm – 8:30pm, La Calaca Tacos y Cerveza.
  • Sensa Nova. 5:30pm – 8:30pm, Sunset Bar & Grill.
  • Piano Music by Doug. 6:00pm – 9:00pm, Blackie’s Restaurant.
  • Jesse Garcia (Salsa). 6:00pm – 9:00pm, Bonifacio’s Restaurant.
  • Flor de Lyz. 6:00pm – 9:00pm, Tortuga’s Restaurant & Bar.


  • Grupo Escala. 4:00pm – 7:00pm, Bonifacio’s Restaurant.
  • Sensa Nova. 5:00pm – 8:00pm, La Palapa Griega.
  • Cadenza. 5:30pm – 8:30pm, Sunset Bar & Grill.
  • Acoustic Nova. 5:30pm – 8:30pm, Restaurante Casa Manolo. NEW
  • Mario Sandoval. 6:00pm – 9:00pm, Bonifacio’s Restaurant.
  • Los Dorados. 6:00pm – 9:00pm, La Calaca Tacos y Cerveza.
  • Flor de Lyz. 6:00pm – 9:00pm, Tortuga’s Restaurant & Bar.
  • The Mike & Heidi Duo. 6:00pm – 9:00pm, Colibrí Restaurant & Bar.
  • Utopia. 7:00pm – 10:00pm, Hair of the Dog.
  • Jam 54. 7:00pm – 11:00pm, HammerHead’s Dockside Bar & Grille.


  • Country Boys. 5:00pm – 8:00pm, La Palapa Griega.
  • Lorena Robles. 6:00pm – 9:00pm, Colibrí Restaurant & Bar. NEW
  • Piano Music by Doug. 6:00pm – 9:00pm, Blackie’s Restaurant.
  • Alberto Osuna. 6:00pm – 9:00pm, Bonifacio’s Restaurant.
  • Bad Rumors. 6:00pm – 9:00pm, Sunset Bar & Grill.
  • Son Desierto. 7:00pm – 10:00pm, Marvida Taproom & Kitchen.
  • Mar Caribbean Band. 7:00pm – 10:00pm, Tortuga’s Restaurant & Bar.
  • Malibu. 7:00pm – 11:00pm, HammerHead’s Dockside Bar & Grille..
  • Acoustic Band Hits. 8:00pm – 11:00pm, La Calaca Tacos y Cerveza.
  • Assterisko. 8:00pm – 11:00pm, Hair of the Dog.
  • DJ Paul Z. 9:00pm – 3:00am, Maukaa Restaurant & Beach Club.
  • DJ Alex Mesa. 9:00pm – 3:00am. Xunuta San Carlos.


  • The Dudes. 2:00pm – 5:00pm, HammerHead’s Dockside Bar & Grille.
  • Assterisko. 3:00pm – 6:00pm, La Palapa Griega.
  • Danny Moreno. 5:00pm – 8:00pm, Hair of the Dog.
  • Lorena Robles. 5:00pm – 8:00pm, La Catrina Restaurant & Gallery. NEW
  • Piano Music by Doug. 6:00pm – 9:00pm, Blackie’s Restaurant.
  • Assterisko. 6:00pm – 9:00pm, Sunset Bar & Grill.
  • Valeria Quijada Duo. 6:00pm – 9:00pm, Colibrí Restaurant & Bar.
  • Cadenza Band. 7:00pm – 10:00pm, Tortuga’s Restaurant & Bar.
  • Duo del Mar. 7:00pm – 10:00pm, Bonifacio’s Restaurant.
  • Malibu. 7:00pm – 11:00pm, HammerHead’s Dockside Bar & Grille.
  • Tigre y Tony. 8:00pm – 11:00pm, La Calaca Tacos y Cerveza.
  • Live DJ Set. 8:00pm – 11:00pm, Marvida Taproom & Kitchen.
  • Sayonara. 8:00pm – 11:00pm, Hair of the Dog.
  • DJ Paul Z. 9:00pm – 3:00am, Maukaa Restaurant & Beach Club.
  • DJ Alex Mesa. 9:00pm – 3:00am. Xunuta San Carlos.


  • Son Desierto. 1:30pm – 4:30pm, Sunset Bar & Grill.
  • Piano Music by Doug. 3:00pm – 6:00pm, Blackie’s Restaurant.
  • The Dudes. 3:00pm – 6:00pm, Hair of the Dog.
  • Sangre Latina. 3:00pm – 6:00pm, La Palapa Griega.
  • Grupo Cadenza with Laura. 5:00pm – 8:00pm, Colibrí Restaurant & Bar.
  • Malibu Lite. 5:00pm – 9:00pm, HammerHead’s Dockside Bar & Grille.
  • Utopia Unplugged. 5:30pm – 8:30pm, Sunset Bar & Grill.
  • Sayonara Acoustic. 6:00pm – 9:00pm, Marvida Taproom & Kitchen.
  • Lou & Est Group. 6:00pm – 9:00pm, Tortuga’s Restaurant & Bar.
  • DJ Alex Mesa. 6:00pm – 10:00pm. Xunuta San Carlos.
  • Ruben Lopez. 7:00pm – 10:00pm, Bonifacio’s Restaurant.
  • DJ Paul Z. 9:00pm – 2:00am, Maukaa Restaurant & Beach Club.


  • Mark Mulligan Facebook Livestream. 5:00pm, Tune in here.
  • Sea Notes. 6:00pm – 8:00pm, La Calaca Tacos y Cerveza.
  • Yambé Jazz. 6:00pm – 9:00pm, Tortuga’s Restaurant & Bar.
  • Leonardo Lozano. 6:00pm – 9:00pm, Bonifacio’s Restaurant.


  • Tío Cortez. 5:00pm – 7:00pm, Hair of the Dog.
  • Live Music. 5:00pm – 8:00pm, Marvida Taproom & Kitchen.
  • Mark Mulligan. 5:00pm – 8:00pm, La Palapa Griega.
  • Rolas y Ana. 5:30pm – 8:30pm, La Calaca Tacos y Cerveza.
  • Dany Moreno. 5:30pm – 8:30pm, Sunset Bar & Grill.
  • Alberto Osuna. 6:00pm – 9:00pm, Bonifacio’s Restaurant.
  • Sensa Nova. 6:00pm – 9:00pm, Colibrí Restaurant & Bar.
  • La Sula Blues Band. 7:00pm – 10:00pm, Hair of the Dog.
  • Alfredo and Jesus. 7:00pm – 10:00pm, Tortuga’s Restaurant & Bar.

Future Events

Rescate’s Grand Bazaar, February 11

The annual Rescate Grand Bazaar will be held on Saturday, February 11 from 9:00am to 3:00pm in the Town Square by the Catholic Church (the Rescate Marketplace is cancelled today).

It will feature numerous vendors selling good such as beautiful jewelry, arts, gifts and local crafts. You can also buy delicious baked goods, hamburgers (sold by Rotary), and Tortuga’s Bloody Mary’s and other drinks.

Come enjoy a stroll, browse the Market Place, listen to live music and have a bite to eat and a drink. There will also be live music, a silent auction and raffle (with ticket drawing at 1:30pm). All proceeds benefit Rescate Emergency Medical Services.

Spaces are still available for rent for you to showcase and sell your wares. Please contact Connie at 303-669-8387 to reserve your space and for more information.

Is it time to Renew (or begin) your Rescate Membership? You can do so at the Rescate Grand Bazaar. Remember — “It’s YOUR Life — Join Rescate”

Wine Tasting and Tour of Homes, February 11

On Saturday, February 11, Paradise Real Estate is hosting a Wine Tasting & Tour of Homes just in time to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

It will be from 1:00pm – 4:00pm.

One free 2oz glass of wine will be handed out at each host home per person.

Take a Selfie at each home, make a collage, use #paradise, and post on our Facebook (Paradise Real Estate SC) or Instagram page before 4:00pm to be entered into a drawing for a gift card from one of our local restaurants. See flyer for details.

Maps can be picked up at Paradise Real Estate’s office located between Hair of the Dog and the Galeria Bellas Artes on the main street Tetakawi (formerly Beltrones) until 5:00pm on Friday, February 10.

Call 520-407-6550 or message on our Facebook page if you have any questions. Spend your afternoon on a tour of homes and wine tasting with Paradise Real Estate.

Paradise Real Estate will also host a free Selfie station in front of their office for those who would like to take selfies for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Drag Race, February 11

On Saturday, February 11, Colibrí Restaurant & Bar is hosting a Valentine’s Drag Race.

The event starts at 5:00pm, and the drag race starts at 6:00pm.

Come out to watch all of your favorites perform, including Astica Michaels.

Valeria Quijada will also entertain you this evening.

There is a cover fee of 120 pesos.

Reservations are a must as the shows often sell out. Call 622-115-3466 today.

Walk/Run to End Domestic Violence, February 12

Do you have plans for Sunday morning, February 12?

If not, please consider joining the board members and volunteers of Seguro Y Sano-Sana y Protegida at their third annual “5K Walk, 5K/10K Run to End Domestic Violence” on February 12. Everyone is welcome to join.

The event starts at 9:00am; the location is the Seascape Plaza; and the cost is 200 pesos before February 12, and 250 pesos on the day of the event.

There will be music, entertainment and a raffle drawing for exciting prizes donated by San Carlos/Guaymas businesses. These include a 2-night stay at the Hotel Torres in El Fuerte; a 2-night stay at the Hacienda Tetakawi; a 1-night stay at Casa Maria; 10 visits to the Athleticlub San Carlos; Romantic Dinner at Bonafacio’s. Raffle tickets are available at SyS SyP’s registration table and Rescate’s Saturday marketplace. A big thank you to all sponsors and donors.

How do you register? At the Athleticlub San Carlos; through SyS SyP’s website at; follow the instructions on the poster to register through OXXO or visit SyS SyP’s registration table at the Rescate Marketplace beginning Saturday, February 4.

Your participation is needed to make this event not only a success, but to help SyS SyP begin construction of a shelter, especially as land has been gifted to the organization for this purpose.

We hope to see you on Sunday, February 12. You can get your exercise in before the Super Bowl game!

Fiesta de Mardi Gras, February 13

Join Rotary on Monday, February 13 for a colorful, festive and fun Fiesta de Mardi Gras.

The party starts at 3:00pm at Club Duo.

There will be music, drinks, food, auction, dancing and entertainment.

Tickets cost 500 pesos and are now available in front of CIBanco and Santa Rosa Market. Get your friends together and purchase a table for 5,000 pesos (500 pesos x 10). Then have fun decorating your table.

Exatec Golf Tournament in Obregon, February 18 – 19

On Saturday, February 18 and Sunday, February 19, join local golfers as they head south to Obregon to compete in the annual Exatec Golf Tournament.

For more information and to register, visit their Facebook page.

Black Tie Optional Gala, February 25

On Saturday, February 25, the community is invited to a Black Tie Optional Gala, Silent Art Auction at the Playa Blanca condos on Algodones beach.

The event is from 5:30pm – 8:30pm.

The silent auction is a collection of art donated to Castaway Kids by the estate of Michael Merrigan. We are grateful to Diane Barroll of RE/MAX First Choice Realty for facilitating this donation. The collection includes not only his work but also other art pieces displayed in his home. In addition, several San Carlos residents have added to the collection with their personal donations of works of art.

Tickets are 500 pesos each and are available at Vive Real Estate in Plaza Arrecifes (behind the ARCO gas station), and also at the Castaway Kids building. All proceeds from the event will be used to fund the sponsorship of kids in our Education programs and also fund our Music and After School programs.

The gala evening includes: silent auction, a wine flight, Hors d’oeuvres, music and a beautiful setting. A full cash bar will be open for those who desire optional drinks. Cocktail attire is suggested.

For additional information;
Melissa Boyd: 1-810-629-6029
Facebook: Castawaykids

Save the Dates:

  • February 12. Super Bowl LVII. Sports bars in town will have special food and drink menus.
  • February 14. Restaurants in town will have special Valentine’s Day events, including Blackie’s. Bonifacio’s, Colibrí, Tortuga’s, Sunsets, La Calaca, La Catrina, and more.
  • February 16 – 21. Carnaval.
  • February 18. Poolside Por Sonora. Starts at noon, Maukaa Restaurant & Beach Club.
  • February 18. Club Deportivo Pork Dinner.
  • February 23 – 25. San Carlos Beach & Desert Rally. 3 days of entertainment for all ages.
  • February 24. Día de la Bandera Mexicana.
  • February 27 – March 1. Huichol artists. 10:00am – 4:00pm, Tecalai.

Fishing & Birding Reports

Fishing Report

Even the ‘A-teams’ are barely able to scratch out a yellowtail after a day at the Island. The fish are there, they are just chasing schools of small bait. Nothing has been caught in close besides small bottomfish. The bottomfish are bigger around the Island. One 12 pound grouper was jigged up.

We did see a nice Humpback balling bait there. There’s lots of dolphin around. I read 55.3 degree water on Saturday, which is the coldest I have ever seen.

Besides the Arctic currents though, the sun is feeling pretty nice!

by Bryan ReplogleTeam Margarita Sportfishing,

Birding Report

Hola Birding Enthusiasts,

We had 18 for our outing last week and went first to the new development ponds (Rincón del Ensueño). Half of the group stayed in the east pond and saw the Northern Beardless Tyrannulet, an uncommon bird for here; various warblers, ducks, and a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher. The group on the west pond missed the Tyrannulet but had four Sora, two cavorting Great Kiskadees and a Vermillion Flycatcher just begging for its photo to be taken. We also spotted and heard a Virginia Rail but it was photo shy.

We then went to Ojo de Agua north of La Manga with a stop to see some Western Bluebirds on the way. Ojo had American Robins and numerous Yelllow-rumped Warbler. Afterwards, we had lunch at Doña Rositas.

My Bird of the Week is the American Robin. While the Robin is the most abundant and widely distributed thrush in North America, it is only occasionally seen in San Carlos. Until this year, that is. listings for this area show a sighting of one or two birds in a season. This year we are seeing them in flocks of up to 35 almost everywhere we go. You may have spotted one or two in your backyard.

A sudden change in the population density of an organism is called an irruption. Bird irruptions refer to the movement of northern-wintering species to the south in years of low food availability according to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

The American Robin lives year round in most of the United States. In Canada, it is a spring/summer bird and migrates south during the winter. Arizona was seeing an irruption of Robins during the fall so it appears that either their food sources were already dwindling by then or, perhaps, they somehow sensed that the winter was going to be a harsh one.

Ecologically, Robins are considered an impressive species by scientists. According to, few species are so widely distributed and have the ability to live in both anthropogenic and natural habitats. An anthropogenic habitat is a habitat that has been altered significantly by humans. This can be due to urban development (note how many Robins are seen in cities for example), or pollution, transportation or basically any changes to the environment made by humans. Robins have thrived throughout many of these changes. One that has not been good for Robins is the use of pesticides on lawns. In their quest for plump juicy worms they can ingest the poisons and be harmed.

Now is an excellent time to really look at this lovely bird that so many of us take for granted.

We will meet for our next outing on Thursday, February 2 at 8:30am at the Esterito Cafe located at the end of San Carlos Bay near the fish camp. You do not need to be an expert to join our group. If you do not know anything except that you want to know more, our group will help you learn. If you are an experienced birder and just want to know other birders, then join us and share your knowledge. Please bring your water, sun and insect protection, and a chair. And your binoculars, of course. Outings usually last until around 11:00am and we usually go out to lunch afterwards. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at I wish you happy birding wherever you are.

by Mary Tannehill; photo by Verna J. Perry
sources: and 

Other News Around Town

Clean Up San Carlos, February 4

Clean Up San Carlos! is a group of local volunteers who work together to beautify our surroundings.

This Saturday, February 4, the whole community is invited to help clean up the area.

At 8:00am, we will meet at the entrance to Sunset Bar & Grill restaurant and we’ll complete the boulevard. See the dropped pin in image on right.

Join us, outside, and help keep San Carlos beautiful! Everybody is welcome.

** Bags and gloves and safety vests will be provided. Don’t forget to bring your drinking water.
** We have a few Grabbers on hand, but please bring your own if you have one.

Please join our Clean Up San Carlos! Facebook group for announcements, schedule changes and progress reports.

Thank you, Anne Lewis,

CRRIFS: Giving Orphaned Baby Chipmunks a Chance

During a household move in Guaymas, a local family discovered two tiny chipmunks barely a week old in their barbeque grill. Nested in what to most eyes would have looked like trash, the babies were the size of jellybeans with their eyes still sealed shut. Perhaps something had happened to their mother. Fortunately for the siblings, their rescuers contacted their friend, Fernando, whose mother is local veterinarian, Dr. Paula Vargas. She, in turn, arranged for Dr. Elsa Coria, wildlife veterinarian and director of CRRIFS, to pick up the weak and dehydrated pups.

Dr. Elsa and her staff first warmed the infants because they are unable to generate their own body heat, and then they began the extended neonatal care process — initially feeding the babies a special formula to allow their digestive systems to adjust so that they can begin to digest proteins and solids. CRRIFS will continue to provide care and assess whether the babies can be released to the wild in the coming months.

For many of us, our concept of chipmunks is largely shaped by the cartoon characters Alvin and the Chipmunks singing in A flat major with their squeaky voices. Chipmunks are, however, small squirrels with stripes that help them to blend into their environs and evade predators.

Kenneth Schmidt, a Texas Tech biologist who studies chipmunk communications, has identified three distinct calls they make: “The chip, the deeper chuck, and the startle call.” The last is an alarm that warns of impending danger from predators, including snakes, foxes, raccoons, hawks and owls.

Chipmunks, like other squirrels and their cousins, prairie dogs and marmots, collect and store seeds, nuts and berries in expandable pouches in their cheeks. These pouches enable them to carry up to their own body weight in food every day, which they then cache in underground warrens so they can survive long stretches without food.

In the winter, when food is scarce, they enter a state of torpor with decreased body temperature and heart rates, but they re-awaken every several days to snack on their stashes of food. During this time, they use their tail as blankets, curling them around their bodies to keep warm.

Creating complex tunnel systems up to 30 feet long, chipmunks and other squirrels play important roles in ecosystems by helping aerate and recycle soil and disperse seeds and fungi.

To learn more about CRRIFS and how to help its wildlife conservation and education programs in Sonora, or to report injured wildlife, please email or call 622-152-9934. Donations to CRRIFS can be made via its fiscal sponsor in the USA, The Biodiversity Group, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit in Tucson, AZ.

by Tamara Banar

Happy Hours and Food Specials

Embarcadero Cocina + Bar

Embarcadero Cocina + Bar at Marinaterra Hotel with a new menu and an extensive choice of wines and cocktails.

Enjoy indoor seating, at the bar and on the patio overlooking Marina San Carlos — with the World’s Best View.

A breakfast buffet is served from 6:00am to 12:30pm. From Monday to Friday, there’s a special price of 150 pesos for women. The regular cost is 210 pesos. Children are half price.

There is also an à la carte menu.

For more information and a map, click here.
Phone: (622) 225-2020 EXT 04
Address: Hotel Marinaterra on the Malecon at Marina San Carlos.

La Palapa Griega

Enjoy delicious Greek food, seafood, and cold drinks in the open-air, palapa covered restaurant on the beach. Our friendly staff is waiting to serve you.

Tuesday food & drink specials: Gyro Tuesdays with 80 pesos gyro, from 5pm – 8pm. Add French fries for an extra 30 pesos, or a Greek Salad for 40 pesos. Margaritas are 70 pesos!

La Palapa Griega is open for lunch and dinner, Monday – Saturday, 11:00am to 9:00pm and Sunday 10:00am – 8:00pm.

Tuesday: Mark Mulligan, 5:00pm – 8:00pm.
Wednesday: The Mike & Heidi Duo, 5:00pm – 8:00pm.
Thursday: Sensa Nova, 5:00pm – 8:00pm.
Friday: Country Boys, 5:00pm – 8:00pm.
Saturday: Assterisko, 3:00pm – 6:00pm.
Sunday: Sangre Latina, 3:00pm – 6:00pm.

La Palapa Griega accepts credit cards (Visa and Mastercard).

For questions or reservations, call 622-226-1888. Click for more information and a map.

El Mar Restaurant

Enjoy air conditioned beach-front dining at El Mar Restaurant on La Posada Beach.

Breakfast: Omelets, Egg McMuffins, Huevos Rancheros, Eggs Benedict, Chicken Fried Steak and more.
Lunch & Dinner: Burgers, Cheese steaks, Create Your Own Salads, Chiles Rellenos, Enchiladas, Mexican Combos, Fish & Chips, Tortilla Soup, Sandwiches, Fish, Chicken, Steak, Filet Mignon, Shrimp. We Cook Your Fish.

Daily Specials include:
Tuesday: Chiles Rellenos ala Isabel
Wednesday: Pork Ribeye with Apple Sauce
Thursday: Fettuccini Alfredo with Shrimp
Friday: Fish & Chips
Saturday: Coconut Shrimp
Sunday: All-You-Can-Eat Breakfast Buffet, from 8am – noon, 140 pesos
Beer Selection: Tecate, Tecate Light, Amstel, Bohemia, Coors Light, Heineken, Indio, Miller, XX Lager, XX Ambar.

Hours: Open Tuesday – Thursday, 7:30am – 9pm; Friday & Saturday, 7:30am – 10pm; Sunday, 8am – 9pm. Closed on Mondays. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For your reservation or to place a take-out order, call 622-226-1008.
For Information on our Meeting Room, Event Center or Wedding Planning, call 622-226-1003.
For additional information and a map click here. Follow us on Facebook.

Sunset Bar & Grill

Just a short 7 minute drive from town, on the old Club Med beach, you’ll discover this one-of-a-kind handcrafted restaurant. Sunset Bar & Grill offers a healthy, concise late lunch & dinner menu, and top shelf unique mixed cocktails, fine tequilas, bacanora and mezcal.

Choose from an eclectic array of appetizers & sides to accompany your grilled main. Our grill Chef masters the perfect doneness you request on the top cut black Arrachera beef, the fresh catch of the day or the gourmet sirloin burger.

The brick mesquite oven deepens the flavors of the handmade flatbreads and pot pies. The weekly gourmet specials are designed to please your senses.

Sit on a rope swing while sipping a signature Mojito or pick any repurposed wooden spool table to watch the sun dip into the ocean … you will be drawn to the numerous décor details that create an unsurpassed ambiance.

If you are looking to spend an amazing evening on the beach with thoughtfully prepared food & cocktails, served in a tantalizing ambiance – don’t leave town without experiencing the Sunset Bar & Grill – the sexiest restaurant on the beach!

Entertainment: Wednesday: Sensa Nova, 5:30pm – 8:30pm. Thursday: Cadenza, 5:30pm – 8:30pm. Friday: Bad Rumors, 6pm – 9pm. Saturday: Assterisko, 6pm – 9pm. Sunday: Son Desierto, 1:30pm – 4:30pm, then Utopia Unplugged, 5:30pm – 8:30pm. Tuesday: Dany Moreno, 5:30pm – 8:30pm.

NEW: Sunrise @ Sunsets! Sunset Bar & Grill invites you to come try our new breakfasts on the beach! Try our bagels & lox, egg casserole, Vaquero special, or decadent crêpes! Enjoy the quietest time of day and the calmest waters on the beach sipping a Cappuccino or a Sunrise Mimosa! Enjoy 2 x 1 on breakfast menu items from 8am – 11am, Thursday – Monday. Mention the promotion to receive the special. Parking is free before 11am.

Hours: Open Thursday to Monday from 8am – 10pm serving breakfast & lunch from 8am to 2pm (including the new fresh seafood lunch menu), a limited menu between 2pm – 3pm and our regular dinner menu from 3pm-10pm. Open 3pm – 10pm on Tuesday and Wednesday for dinner. Click here for the menu and a map. Follow us on Facebook. For reservations, call 622-109-0003.

HammerHead’s Dockside Bar & Grille

It’s Hammer-Time! Check out the best sports bar in town. Located at the San Carlos Marina, HammerHead’s Dockside Bar & Grille is your best choice for great meals, cold drinks and great atmosphere. Come watch the sun set behind Tetakawi and the boats come and go from the marina.

Enjoy the ambience of our air-conditioned, re-designed pub and fabulous outdoor patio and Margarita Bar! Our unique menu of pub style food includes appetizers, lunches and dinners with favorites such as Dry Rub Ribs, the Dockside Chop Salad or the HammerHead Burger, all made from scratch with only the freshest ingredients.

Check out our daily food and drink specials while you watch your favorite games on one of our 7 large TVs. Serving Pizza every day! Time for a new t-shirt or hat?… check out our merchandise on sale.

Are you a beer lover? HammerHead’s is the only bar in all of Sonora state supplying micro beer from Baja Brewing Co. made and bottled out of San Jose Del Cabo. Choose from award winning Cabotella (Lager), Baja Blonde (Pale Ale), and Baja Black (Obscura) and Baja Stout (Stout). Delicious and refreshing…try one today.

Entertainment: Wednesday: Mario and Tony, 5pm – 8pm. Thursday: Jam 54, 7pm – 11pm. Friday: Malibu, 7pm – 11pm. Saturday: The Dudes, 2pm – 5pm; and Malibu, 7pm – 11pm. Sunday: Malibu Lite, 5pm – 9pm.

Hours: Open every day 11:00am – midnight. Closed Tuesday. We have FREE WI-FI and we do “Take-Out” Call us at 622-226-0152 and follow us on FacebookClick here for more information, menus, and a map.

Tortuga’s Restaurant & Bar

Tortuga’s Resraurant Bistro is the ideal place to enjoy delicious and selected Specialities. We have more than 10 years as a place of Tradition in San Carlos, Sonora. You can come with your family and friends, with your partner or celebrate an important event or your birthday!

Our Gastronomic Excellence and International Specialities is what distinguishes us: Prime Rib, Beef Wellington, Filet Mignon with Pepper Sauce, Catch of the Day, Red Pepper Crusted Tuna Thai Style Shrimps and Beef Burgundy are just some of them.

In the morning we serve Coffee, fresh homemade sweet Bread, Eggs Benedict, Chilaquiles, Mimosas. In the afternoon enjoy a delicious glass of house wine, accompanied with our Tortuga’s Table (Roast pork sausages with a side of melted cheese) or try the best Burger in Town. Enjoy our Bistro everyday from 3:00pm to 11:00pm.

We have the best terrace in San Carlos, with incredible views and live music everyday. We also offer Chef at Home service. As well as Private and Corporate Events for groups.

All of our ingredient are fresh, carefully selected and come from local sources.
In addition, in our facilities we use renewable energy to help the planet.

Come and enjoy a very pleasant moment with the people you love at Tortuga’s Restaurant Bar.

Mexican Tuesday: Special discount on Meixcan dishes.
Italian Wednesday: Special discount on Italian dishes.
French Thursday: Special discount on French dishes.
Friday: Prime Rib (Book in advance)
Saturday: Beef Wellington and St, Louis bbq Ribs

Entertainment:  Monday: Yambé Jazz, 6pm – 9pm. Tuesday: Alfredo y Jesus, 7pm – 10pm. Wednesday: Flor de Lyz, 6pm – 9pm. Thursday: Flor de Lyz, 6pm – 9pm. Friday: Mar Caribbean Band, 7:00pm – 10:00pm. Saturday: Cadenza Band, 7:00pm – 10:00pm. Sunday: Lou & Est Group, 6pm – 9pm.

Make your reservations:
Telephone: 622 226 2051
Whatsapp: 622 123 7527
Check out the website for more information and menu.

Colibrí Restaurant & Bar

We welcome you to the Colibrí Restaurant & Bar, a garden oasis like no other in San Carlos. Located in the north-west corner of Plaza Las Palmas (where the CEA water company is located) in the center of town, Colibrí (which means “hummingbird” in English) is your best choice for an intimate, romantic dinner or for a fun outing with a bunch of friends.

With many separate dining areas, the choice is yours. Enjoy your favorite meal in our indoor, air-conditioned restaurant; have some pizza and a beer or cocktail in our new bar section, eat outside in the enclosed garden area; or have a view of the ocean on our outdoor patio upstairs — with seating for over 100 people, we’re ready for your group, large or small. We have a well-stocked bar, including beer and wine.

Now open for breakfast! Our menu is full of unique dishes that is sure to satisfy the most discerning palate. The restaurant features Tapas (small plates), International entrées, and mouth-watering desserts. You must also try our delicious mesquite wood-fired pizzas. Come in and check out our delectable culinary delights! We hope Colibrí will become a favorite of yours.

Check Ad for Happy Hour & Food Specials, plus these: 
Wednesday: Glass of wine and three tapas, 100 pesos
Wednesday & Friday: Get a free Mimosa with your order of Eggs Benedict

Entertainment: Tuesday: Sensa Nova, 6pm – 9pm. Thursday: Mike & Heidi Duo, 6pm – 9pm. Friday: Valeria Quijada Duo, 6:30pm – 9:30pm. Sunday: Cadenza, 6pm – 9pm.

Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 8:30am – 11pm. Closed on Monday. Click here for more information about our Specials and Take-out options. Reserve or place your take-out order by calling 622-115-3466. Follow us on Facebook.

Hair of the Dog

Welcome to Hair of the Dog! Our restaurant and bar has a laid-back, casual setting, where guests are free to have as much fun as possible as they are entertained by their surroundings — dancing to a live band, singing karaoke, playing some pool, watching all the Games & Sports on our 3 big screen TVs, and more. Our servers work hard to ensure you have a great experience at Hair of the Dog.

We are conveniently located right along the main street in San Carlos, with lots of parking at the back of the restaurant.

Join us indoors in our air-conditioned restaurant, or enjoy your food and drinks on our outdoor patio. We’ve got plenty of room for your party!

Our extensive menu has something for everybody. Hungry? We’ve got buffalo wings, 11 different burgers, BBQ ribs, fish and shrimp dishes, pasta, salads and vegetarian meals. Try our delicious sandwiches too, including the popular Club Sandwich. We also have lots of snacks, including onion rings, chili cheese fries, quesadillas and tacos.

Entertainment: Tuesday: Tío Cortez, 5pm – 7pm; La Sula Blues Band, 7pm – 10pm. Thursday: Utopía, 7pm – 10pm; Friday: Assterisko, 8pm – 11pm. Saturday: Danny Moreno, 5pm – 8pm; Sayonara, 8pm – 11pm. Sunday: The Dudes, 3pm – 6pm.

Hours: Open Monday – Sunday from 11am – closing, except Closed on Wednesday. FREE-WIFI. We do Take-Out. Call us at 622-150-8719. Follow us on FacebookClick here for more information, a menu and a map.

Marvida Taproom & Kitchen 

The craft beer revolution finally comes to San Carlos, as the only LOCALLY BREWED craft beer debuts at Marvida Taproom & Kitchen. This is REAL craft beer from kegs (not bottles), and the difference is right there, on your palate. We’ve got all your favorites: IPAs, Stouts, Hefeweizen, Blonde Ales, and more. Beer flights are available too. Come in often to see what’s new on tap at our microbrewery. And if beer is not your beverage of choice, we offer wine and a full bar.

No beer this good can be quaffed without the best food in San Carlos. Whether it’s delicious hand-made pizza, tasty burgers including the popular Marvida Shrimp Burger, Chicken Drumsticks, Aguachiles, signature salads and creative side dishes, Marvida’s got you covered. For meat lovers and vegans — there’s something for everyone on our menu!

We are located at Marina San Carlos, in front of “I” dock. Enjoy the best craft beer AND the best views in town. With both indoor and outdoor seating, you can watch the yachts come in and out of the marina and the sun set while savoring a perfect meal. We are pet-friendly, but please keep Fido outside. Don’t worry about the marina parking fee. With your Marvida receipt, you’ll be reimbursed your fee when you leave. Become a Member of the Marvida Club — a beer club with lots of perks. Ask us for details. And remember to check out our cool merchandise for sale. Growlers for sale and can be filled “to go”!

Weekly Food & Drink Specials:
Monday: 2 x 1 Margaritas, all day long.
Tuesday: Taco Tuesday – 40 pesos/taco.
Thursday: Thirsty Thursday — try our 2 new craft beers, Mango Wheat Ale and Festbier
Saturday and Sunday: Brunch Menu available from 10am – 2pm.

Entertainment: Tuesday: Live Music, 5pm – 8pm. Friday: Son Desierto, 7pm – 10pm. Saturday: Live DJ Set, 8pm – 11pm. Sunday: Sayonara Acoustic, 6pm – 9pm.

Hours: Open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: noon – 10pm; Friday, noon – midnight; Saturday and Sunday, 10am – midnight. Closed on Wednesday. Follow us on Facebook. For reservations or for your take-out order, call 622-124-1624 or WhatsApp 622-176-0348. No pets indoors please. Click here for more information, the menus and a map.

La Calaca Tacos y Cerveza

La Calaca Tacos y Cerveza has the following promotions:

Taco Tuesdays: 2 x 1 Tacos al Pastor (after 2pm)

Wednesday: Buy 3 tacos and get a free beer.

We also have a few warm drinks as Winter Specials: hot chocolate with mezcal and chile ancho, hot fruit punch, Mexican coffee with tequila and Kahlua and hot chocolate with mint liqueur.

Monday: Sea Notes. 6:00pm – 8pm
Tuesday: Rolas y Ana. 6pm – 9pm
Wednesday: Sahuaro. 6pm – 9pm
Thursday: Los Dorados. 6pm – 9pm
Friday: Acoustic Band Hits. 7:30pm – 10:30pm
Saturday: Tigre y Tony. 7:30pm – 10:30pm

Check out the new menu items: 2 new Burros, Nachos with birria, and Chiles rellenos.

La Calaca is open Monday to Thursday from 8am to 10pm, Friday and Saturday from 8am to 12am and Sunday from 8am to 11pm.

For more information and for reservations, call 622-138-9930. Follow us on Facebook. For more information and the menu, click here.

Altamarea Restaurant, Cucina Italiana y … más

Altamarea Restaurant, serving authentic Italian cuisine and more, is NOW OPEN in San Carlos.

Owned by executive chef Danilo Sodano, Altamarea (meaning “high tide”) is sure to become your favorite place to enjoy delicious meals inspired by the tastes and ingredients of Italy, in a beautiful setting at Marina Real. Comfortable air-conditioned indoor seating is currently available in our tastefully decorated restaurant. Outdoor seating is also available.

Watch the yachts head out or the sun go down as you savor a dish of Fettuccine with Asparagus and Scallops, Lasagna Bolognese, or Grilled Rib Eye. Start off with a soup or salad, or an appetizer of Grilled Spicy Shrimp or Burrata di Mozzarella. If you are in the mood for Mexican fare, we have several dishes to choose from, including Chamorro Adobado, our marinated pork shank, Stuffed Roasted Poblano Pepper, and more. And you must try our gluten free Caprese Cake, Tiramisu, or Churros for dessert. We are fully licensed, serving all your favorite mixed drinks, beer, and wine.

Breakfast à la carte is served on Sundays only, starting at 9am. Start your day off right with some hot cakes or waffles, an omelet, Eggs Benedict, chilaquiles, and more.

Chef Danilo has been a restaurateur for the past 40 years, owning successful restaurants in Italy, Brazil, and throughout the US, including his current family-run business in Scottsdale, Casa Mia. He is passionate about his craft and the food he puts on the table, ensuring his customers have an authentic Italian cuisine experience. Altamarea is located in Marina Real, by the parking lot closest to the gas station dock. There is plenty of free parking available.

Hours: Open Monday, Wednesday and Thursday: 5pm – 9pm. Friday and Saturday: 1pm – 10pm. Sunday 9am – 8pm. Closed on Tuesday. For reservations or for your take-out order, call 622-113-3563 (restaurant) or 622-127-6163 (cell). Click here for more information, the menus and a map.

Restaurante Casa Manolo

¡Olé! may be the first word that comes to mind as you enter Restaurante Casa Manolo and see our Flamenco Dancer wall mural. Our restaurant has a varied and eclectic Mediterranean Cuisine inspired menu that is sure to please you. What are you in the mood for? Beef, pork, chicken, seafood, pasta, or vegetarian food — we have it all.

Dine in style with one of our gourmet meals; sip on a refreshingly cool cocktail; listen to live music on Friday evenings; enjoy a delicious meal and a beer while watching the boats come and go from the marina, or just take in a spectacular view from the comfort of your seat on our outdoor patio. We are conveniently located at Marina San Carlos, upstairs next to the Yacht Club and above Barracuda Bob’s.

Some of our more popular menu items include: Seafood Paella — perfect for sharing (we also have Veggie Paella and Squid Ink Paella), Beef tenderloin with mashed potatoes and asparagus, Chicken breast with cous cous and green salad, or our 3-Cheese Pasta with Shrimp. And don’t forget the Tapas — over a dozen to choose from including smoked salmon, serrano ham, lomo Ibérico, Spanish chorizo and more. We also serve Bocatas (Spanish-style baguettes), several salad options, and appetizers, such as Patatas bravas and Andaluza squid rings.

We will reimburse you if you park in the Marina San Carlos paid parking lot. Just head up the stairs and our culinary delights await you.

Food & Drink Specials:
Mondays: 2 Tapas and a glass of Wine for 100 pesos, from 2:00pm – 9:00pm.
Wednesdays & Thursdays: Glass of beer is 20 pesos from 2:00pm – 6:00pm.

Entertainment: Thursday: Acoustic Nova, 5:30pm – 8:30pm.

Hours: Open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, 10am – 10pm. Friday and Saturday, 10am – midnight. Sunday, 10am – 10pm. Closed on Tuesday. We have FREE WIFI and we do “Take-out”. Follow us on FacebookClick here for the Menu, more information, and a map. For reservations or your take out order, call 622-170-4558.

La Catrina Restaurant & Gallery

La Catrina Restaurant & Gallery is open, with the same owner (Jorge) and at the same location. 

We have the freshest seafood in town. Feast on one of our many delicious Shrimp meals — breaded, garlic, coconut, mango, rancheros, or try a sampling with the Shrimp Carousel. If you’re in the mood for fish, select from 5 fish fillet options, including our popular grilled stuffed fillet with crab and shrimp.

For starters, try our stuffed peppers with marlin or shrimp; our tacos, quesadillas, or a Seafood Cocktail. And you must order our famous Molcajetes — you choose either a hot or cold option. We’ve got Ceviche and Aguachiles. Not in the mood for fish? We have Creamy Green Chicken Enchiladas, chicken and hamburgers, Filet Mignon and Rib Eye.

We also serve a buffet breakfast on Sundays, from 8am – 1pm. See flyer on left for details and cost.

Come in to browse all the Mexican handicrafts we have in the gallery. Artwork for your walls, wooden painted dining chairs and benches, hats, and lots of colorful home decor for you or for that perfect gift — it’s here and for sale. We can also make and/or design indoor and outdoor furniture for you — wood, metal, parota — whatever you need.

Food Specials & Entertainment:
Enchiladas Tuesdays – 3 Chicken Enchiladas for 100 pesos! Salsa Verde; Salsa Roja; and Salsa Verde Cremosa (or a combination of these). From 11am – 3pm.
Mexican Night on Saturday: Mexican Buffet for 350 pesos. Lorena Robles performs from 5pm – 8pm.

Hours: Monday – Saturday, from noon – 9pm. Sunday: 8am – 9pm. Closed on Wednesday. Follow us on FacebookClick here for more information, and a map. We deliver for a small fee. To make your reservation or for your delivery, please call 622-123-2584 or 622-151-7798.

Bonifacio’s Restaurant

Bonifacio’s is Now Open with a new menu and new location, next to the San Carlos Borromeo Catholic church and the main square’s kiosk.

Bonifacio’s offers an eclectic fusion cuisine inspired in Mexico. Our restaurant features exquisite dining with a lunch and dinner menu full of creative gourmet dishes including the freshest seafood, meat, chicken, and vegetarian meals. For lunch, try our best-in-town Bonifacio’s hamburger & fries, the Santa Fe grilled chicken burger, or our popular beef tenderloin tacos.

For dinner, experience the elegance of our indoor dining. Start with one of our many International appetizers such as our tasty flatbreads, tapas, stuffed dates, and more. As an entrée for seafood lovers, you must try our Teriyaki seared Tuna with mango, or our popular Hibiscus Flower Shrimp Crown and rice. Meat lovers can enjoy several Beef and Pork Ribeye and Tenderloin specialties, cooked to perfection. We also serve many chicken dishes including a Roasted Grilled Chicken Breast over garlic mashers.

And don’t forget to order a delicious caramel crepe with vanilla ice cream for dessert. Whichever meal you choose, it is sure to delight your taste buds!

The bar is fully stocked with a wine and water cellar. With lots of seating both indoors and outside, our restaurant boasts excellent views of the main square, Tetakawi mountain, and the San Carlos marina. Our friendly staff is bilingual and ready to serve you. We have plenty of free parking behind the restaurant and also by the church. We are ready to host your special Party / Posada with several set menu options.

Entertainment: Monday: Leonardo Lozano, 6pm – 9pm. Tuesday: Alberto Osuna, 6pm – 9pm. Wednesday: Jesse Garcia (Salsa), 6pm – 9pm. Thursday: Grupo Escala, 4pm – 7pm; Mario Sandoval, 6pm – 9pm. Friday: Alberto Osuna, 6pm – 9pm. Saturday: Duo del Mar, 7pm – 10pm. Sunday: Ruben Lopez, 7pm – 10pm.

Hours: Open Every Day! Sunday – Thursday from 7am – 11pm. Friday and Saturday from 7am – 2am. We have FREE WIFI and we do “Take-out”. Follow us on FacebookClick here for the Menu, more information, and a map. For your reservation or take out order, call 622-227-0515 or 622-109-0031 or 622-182-6076 (Manager).

Piccolo Restaurant

Savor the tastes of Italy at San Carlos’ premier Italian restaurant, Piccolo.

We are one of the first restaurants established in town celebrating almost 30 years in business! Under new ownership, we have added some delicious new menu items, while preserving those dishes that have been the favorites of our clients for the past three decades. On Sundays from 7am – 1pm, we are now serving a Breakfast Buffet!

Our popular appetizers are breaded fried zucchini and the garlic mushrooms. Then feast on our many tender chicken or beef options, cooked to perfection and served with pasta and a house salad. Or try the lasagna or Italian-flavored pasta dishes — the Pasta Combination platter gives you a variety of three types. In the mood for fish? Check out our Weekly Specials for delectable meals that include fish or shrimp. We also have a fully stocked bar and serve the best margaritas in town.

Piccolo Restaurant is located along the main street in San Carlos, across from Santa Rosa’s grocery store. We have plenty of parking next to the restaurant. With both indoor and outdoor seating for over 60 people, we can accommodate your group, large or small.

Two of our most popular meals that you have to try are the Baked Pork Chamorra accompanied with Spaghetti aglio e olio and sun-dried tomatoes or for the really hungry meat lovers, a 400 gr Rib Eye Lasagna!

Happy Hour: Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 2pm – 5pm: 2 x 1 glasses of house wine
Food & Drink Special: Oven-baked Brisket and Fettucine, plus a glass of wine & a crepe dessert for only 298 pesos.
Show the Ad and receive a FREE Zucchini with your meal!

Hours: Open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 2pm – 10pm. Saturday: 1pm – 10pm. Sunday Buffet from 7am – 1pm; Sunday regular menu from 2pm – 9pm. Closed on Tuesday. Follow us on Facebook. For reservations or for your take-out order, call 622-226-0503 or 662-244-6417. Click here for more information, the menu and a map.

Blackie’s Restaurant & Bar

Blackie’s Restaurant & Bar has been a staple in San Carlos for over 20 years, offering a delicious dining experience and excellent service for its national and international guests.

Our charming upscale restaurant serves favorite authentic Mexican dishes such as our popular Shrimp Guillermo and Meat, Chicken or Shrimp Fajitas. If you are in the mood for the best cut of Sonoran beef like our Rib Eye Steak, or Raspberry Chicken, or perhaps a Fish au meunière, come hungry because our international menu has a variety of food options that will please any palate. Start your meal with a Caesar Salad, prepared for you table-side by our welcoming and friendly staff, and end it with a refreshing complimentary after-dinner drink. Come in today and find out why we are rated one of the top San Carlos restaurants on TripAdvisor!

Weekly Food & Drink Specials: On Wednesdays, your first Margarita is FREE with your dinner. Ask your server for the Daily Specials from Friday to Sunday.

Entertainment: Piano music by Doug: Wednesday, Friday & Saturday, 6pm – 9pm; Sunday, 4pm – 7pm.

Hours: Open Tuesday to Sunday from 7am – 8pm. Closed on Monday. Follow us on Facebook. We have FREE WIFI and we do “Take-out”. For reservations, call 622-226-1525. Click here for the menu, more information, and a map.

Maguro Barra San Carlos

Maguro Barra is Now Open in San Carlos

You haven’t tried authentic sushi in San Carlos unless you have dined at Maguro Barra. Our outstanding chefs deliver the fundamentals of Japanese cuisine, respecting the individual ingredients’ natural flavors.

Maguro Barra offers a traditional and contemporary mix of sushi along with a variety of eclectic seafood items. We pride ourselves on using the finest quality of local and seasonal fresh fish, which arrive daily from local suppliers. Some of the most popular dishes are the Uramaki King Crab Maki, the delicious Unagui topped with foie gras or truffle, and another favorite is the Sashimi Especial, which is a mix of different seafod. We also have several starters like Miso Soup, grilled Octopus, or Shrimp tempura.

We are passionate about what we do. We take special delight in introducing our guests to surprising pairings of our food with sake, beer or wine. We invite you to visit us for lunch or dinner.

Maguro Barra is located at Marina San Carlos, beside Marvida restaurant, near dock I. We pride ourselves in our charming and boutique setting, with seating for 10 indoors at the chef’s counter and several outdoor tables overlooking the yachts and activity at the marina. Parking is available in the marina parking lots.

Food & Drink Special: Taco Nori Tuesdays: Soup, varied Temaki dishes, sake, and beer for $30 USD.

Hours: Open Tuesday – Sunday from 1pm – 11pm. Closed on Monday. Follow us on Facebook. For reservations or for your take-out order, call 622-227-3900. Click here for more information, the menu and a map.

Maukaa Restaurant & Beach Club

Looking for a restaurant along the beach? Then come to Maukaa Restaurant Beach Club.

One of the few restaurants located right on San Francisco beach, it has something for everyone. Plunge pool for those warmer days. Huge palapa with swing chairs for a laid back vibe. Stadium-sized screen showing your favorite sports teams and music videos. Party-time in the evenings with a live DJ and entertainment on the weekends. Great service. Fantastic food & drink menu for all-day dining.

We’ve got your favorite flavorful breakfast dishes with a variety of sauces. Try our eggs with chilaquiles, omelets, pancakes, French or avocado toast. For lunch and dinner, try our popular Maukaa Burger or one of the many seafood dishes. We’ve got several tostadas, tacos, sushi and shrimp meals that you are sure to love, including our Rock Shrimp with sriracha dressing.

Our main dishes include Salmon, Seared Tuna, Grilled Fish, Octopus, and Grilled Rib Eye with delicious sides. We have a fully stocked bar with all your favorite cocktails.

Birthday Special: Enjoy a FREE Meal on your birthday (you and minimum of 4 people; can be within the week before or after your birthday).

Entertainment: Friday: DJ Paul Z, 9pm – 3am. Saturday: DJ Paul Z, 9pm – 3am. Sunday: Nite Band, 3pm – 6pm; DJ Paul Z, 9pm – 2am.

Hours: Open everyday. Monday to Thursday: 9am – 10pm; Friday & Saturday: 9am – 3am; Sunday: 9am – 2am. Follow us on Facebook. For reservations or for your take-out order, call or WhatsApp 622-116-5118. Click here for more information, the menu and a map.

Xunuta San Carlos

Xunuta (pronounced Shunuta, a Yaqui word meaning “place of the corn”) has become a favorite hangout for those looking for a rooftop experience over San Carlos’ main street. This new restaurant is modern, clean and comfortable.

Located in Los Jitos Plaza across from the Flecha gas station, Xunuta is in the heart of San Carlos. It has several seating areas — downstairs for an intimate conversation, or upstairs for the view and to be seen, where you can sip a refreshingly cool cocktail and watch the town go by. At night, Xunuta becomes your place to party, with a live DJ on the weekends, great music and light shows.

Our specialty is our gourmet food! We have a varied upscale lunch and dinner menu to please all palates: salads and appetizers, tacos and tostados, burgers, steaks, shrimp, fresh pasta, and more, including dessert. Some of the most popular dishes include our Carpaccio De Betabel, Tacos Tobicheros, and the delicious Surf & Turf. You’ll also enjoy our fully stocked bar with red and white wines, beers, spirits, liqueurs, champagne and exotic Xunuta cocktails.Our stadium size screen brings you all the sports action so come and cheer on your favorite team! Free parking is available in Los Jitos Plaza. Where the sea and the desert meet, where the flavors are mixed. There is Xunuta. Come and experience it today!

Happy Hour weekdays from 2pm – 7pm
2 x 1 Cocktails (Margaritas, Mojitos, Palomas)
Bucket of beer for 150 pesos (cuartitos)

Entertainment: Friday: DJ Alex Mesa, 9pm – 3am. Saturday: DJ Alex Mesa, 9pm – 3am. Sunday: DJ Alex Mesa, 6pm – 10pm.

Hours: Open everyday. Monday to Thursday: 1pm – 11pm. Friday & Saturday: 1pm – 3am; Sunday: 1pm – 10pm. Follow us on Facebook. For reservations or for your take-out order, call or WhatsApp 662-362-5019. Click here for more information, the menu and a map.

Explore San Carlos: Tours and Excursions

El Mar Diving Center

We are San Carlos’ Premier Scuba Diving Center, providing Adventure since 1988. We offer certification courses (Open Water; Advanced; Diver Specialties such as navigation, underwater digi-photo, night, deep, and wreck diving) representing SSI and PADI Training. Already certified? Then come to El Mar to rent or fill your tanks or service your equipment. We also offer a snorkeling course.

For a memorable day on the water, join us for one of our diving, snorkeling, kayaking or fishing trips. We also rent kayaks, snorkeling and scuba gear. Click here for more details.

Phone: 622-226-0404 (San Carlos Office); 1-877-365-0251 (Toll Free from U.S. & CAD)
Address: 263 Creston, San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico
Facebook: El Mar Diving Center San Carlos Mexico

Team Margarita Sport Fishing

San Carlos offers outstanding sport fishing year-round and our Team Margarita charter boats can adapt to whatever fishing style you prefer. We practice “catch and release” on all billfish, but other varieties can be excellent food for the table. Light tackle or fly-fishing enthusiast? We can set you up!

Check out our weekly Fishing Report on

We can also host sunset cruises, eco-cruises (whale watching, dolphins, birds, etc), and snorkeling trips. We specialize in sailing trips, kayak excursions, and windsurfing. Boat, kayak, and equipment rentals available. Click here for more details.

Phone: 622-855-5926 or 622-227-0219 (San Carlos Office); 1-520-232-2103 (U.S. & CAD)

Bichaá Tuk Taxi and Tours

Finally in San Carlos, Bichaá Tuk services, a motorized rickshaw taxi that can safely take you anywhere you want to go in San Carlos.

With a capacity of 3 passengers, you and your friends & family can take this unique and fun mode of transportation to any restaurant or to check out all the sights in San Carlos.

Want to take your visitors to the Mirador look-out? Why not take Bichaá Tuk — what a great way to experience the ride and the views along the way! You can even connect to their Bluetooth speaker to hear your favorite music along the way.

Here are the 4 easy steps to order Bichaá Tuk:
1. Send us a WhatsApp Message to 622-171-8298
2. We pick you up at your location
3. We guarantee you a safe and panoramic ride
4. We drop you off at your final destination

Bichaá Tuk can pick up you up from any place in San Carlos — home, office, hotel, or restaurant. There are flat fees for sectors in San Carlos, and you simply pay the driver for the ride.

Bichaá Tuk is also available to rent for several hours, for the day, for events, and for private tourist tours around our beautiful and panoramic town.

For more information, check out our website:

Calendar for Thrift Stores & Book Stores, Church Services, Sports

Rescate Treasures Thrift Store: Open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9:00am – 1:30pm. 622-240-8285. Rescate Treasures is seeking donations – small appliances, furniture, clothing, tools – any and all donations. Thank You!

SBPA’s Altered Tails Book Shoppe & CRRIFS gift shop are open every day, from 10:00am – 2:00pm. The Shoppe is located in Marina San Carlos and validates parking. Learn more about SBPA (providing spay & neuter services for local animals) and CRRIFS (our local turtle conservation program). Please help support SBPA and CRRIFS by shopping here for books, calendars and turtle and wildlife items.

Castaway Kids Thrift Store: The Castaway Kids Thrift Store is open Thursdays and Saturdays from 9:00am to 12:00pm. Our Student Coordinator, Kristian Vizcaino, is also in the office at the Castaway Kids Education and Donation Center every Wednesday and Thursday between 9:00am and 3:00pm. We also continue to expand the items that we are featuring on the shopping page on our website.

Tecalai Library: open to the public Fridays from 9:00am to 12 noon. The library operates on a leave-one, take-one basis or you can make a donation.


San Carlos Community Church: Public worship services on Sundays at 9:00am.

San Carlos Borromeo Mass schedule: daily at 5:00pm in Spanish; Sunday at 8:00am in English and 9:00am, 11:30am and 5:00pm in Spanish and a Spanish Catholic mass at 9am, at our Lady Lourdes in the desert. Also, there is bilingual rosary at 9:30am on Mondays in the main church.

Sports, Outdoor Activities & Cards:

Pickleball: There’s open play at Mirador Courts from Monday – Saturday mornings. For more information, including membership, click here.

Euchre: meet at Chihuahuas on Mondays at 3:00pm. For more information, contact Mark at: and visit the Facebook page, San Carlos Euchre.

Club Deportivo:

  • Bridge: Mondays at 12:30pm. All are welcome
  • Ceramics: Thursdays from 9:00am – 1:00pm. Any questions, please call Sharon at 622-226-1764 or text US cell 208-290-5770.
  • Ping pong. Thursdays at 3:00pm. For info call Fern at 622-226-1519.

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