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Mirador San CarlosGeneral Information on living in and vacationing to San Carlos and Guaymas, Sonora Mexico.

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May 292012
Is Mexico Safe?

Is Mexico Safe? Yes! Read first hand accounts from people who have recently visited and / or live in Mexico, and know that Mexico is Safe.

May 272012

Information on Rescate (Rescate in an emergency first-responder ambulance and first aid service), Red Cross, pharmacies, doctors and hospital.

May 262012
Emergency Numbers

Emergency Numbers for San Carlos & Guaymas Sonora Mexico: Rescate, Red Cross, Emergencias Sonora, Firefighters (Bomberos), Policía Municipal, Green Angels

May 252012
Utilities San Carlos Sonora

Utilities San Carlos: electrical (CFE), water (CEA), gas, television, propane, phone and internet. Banks. View and Pay your San Carlos Utility Bills Online

May 212012
Embassies & Consulates

If you are thinking of living and / or working in Mexico, there are several different Visas that you can look into. For US citizens, you will find more information at Embassy of the United States in Mexico. And for Canadian citizens, see the Canadian Embassy in Mexico.