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Mirador San CarlosGeneral Information on living in and vacationing to San Carlos and Guaymas, Sonora Mexico.

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Cost of Living in San Carlos Sonora

San Carlos, a small city located on the Gulf of California in the state of Sonora, Mexico, offers a modest but affordable cost of living for both visitors and residents. While not as cheap as some other Mexican cities, the cost of essential items and services in San Carlos remains reasonable.

How to make calls from, to and within Mexico

How to make calls from, to and within Mexico. Updated with 2019 changes. Read on to discover how to:
make phone calls within Mexico, including how to call to mexico mobile phone.
call Mexico from the US and Canada.
call the US and Canada from Mexico.
call 1-800 from Mexico to USA & Canada

San Carlos Mexico Weather

San Carlos Mexico Weather: current weather and forecasts with satellite images, storm warnings, daily temps, monthly averages, tides.

San Carlos Medical & Emergencies

Information on Red Cross, Rescate, Fire, Police, pharmacies, doctors, hospitals, comisario.

INAPAM: Mexico’s Discount Card for Seniors

Once you become a card-carrying person of the “tercera edad” (third age), you are entitled to many privileges and discounts. And you don’t have to be a Mexican citizen to get one!

San Carlos Mexico Weather (Fahrenheit)

San Carlos Mexico Weather: online resource for San Carlos Mx Weather – daily temps, monthly averages, tides, satellite images, storm warnings in Fahrenheit

Utilities San Carlos Sonora

Utilities San Carlos: electrical (CFE), water (CEA), gas, television, propane, phone and internet. Banks. View and Pay your San Carlos Utility Bills Online

Post Office & Mail

In San Carlos, there is a Post Office in the small strip mall beside Hambone’s insurance.

Embassies & Consulates

If you are thinking of living and / or working in Mexico, there are several different Visas that you can look into. For US citizens, you will find more information at Embassy of the United States in Mexico. And for Canadian citizens, see the Canadian Embassy in Mexico.

Safety in San Carlos | Is Mexico Safe?

Safety in San Carlos. Is Mexico Safe? Yes! Read first hand accounts from people who have recently visited and / or live in Mexico, and know that Mexico is Safe.

Makin’ It In Mexico: Recipes from locally available ingredients

Makin’ It In Mexico: Recipes from locally available ingredients: chili relleno, carnitas, quesadillas, tortilla soup, drinks, soups, salads

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