In case of a medical emergency in Mexico, are you insured?

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San Carlos is a beautiful destination for international visitors and residents who come to relax and enjoy the warm sunshine, soft sand and gentle ocean breeze.  While enjoying yourself in Mexico, suppose you had a medical emergency. Would your domestic insurance cover your medical bills?  In most instances, the answer is no.

This is where the experts at ASA Insurance can make sure you have the right coverage no matter where your travels take you. As we have worked with thousands of clients traveling to San Carlos during our 25 years of experience, we understand your needs.  ASA’s staff will ensure you have the right coverage no matter where you travel, no matter how long you stay.

ASA only contracts with A-Rated insurance companies to offer coverage for the following:

  • Travel medical insurance for one year or less
  • International health insurance which is guaranteed for life
  • Disability
  • Kidnap and ransom

ASA, Inc. is a family owned and operated Master General Agent (MGA) providing the highest level of customer service anywhere in the world for over 25 years.

Contact ASA today for a free consultation and leave your troubles behind.
Toll-free Mexico: 1-888-480-4966
Local: 480-753-1333

Did you know that most health insurance plans won’t cover medical treatment in Mexico? You and your loved ones could be at serious risk of suffering a medical emergency and not having the adequate coverage you need.

Get the peace of mind that you and your family deserve by being covered anywhere in the world, choose a health insurance plan that crosses all borders.

Contact ASA today for a free consultation and experience true peace of mind:

ASA, Inc:
Toll-free Mexico: 1-888-480-4966
Local: 480-753-1333

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