The Colors of Mexico

The Colors of Mexico in San Carlos Mexico

colors of mexicoPPaseo Alegre is aptly named because a drive along this “Happy Path” is a joy to behold. I came across this little lane recently and felt compelled to take out my camera and capture the personality that this color infused block of homes provides.

I am a fan of energetic and bright colors and that is one of the many things I love about Mexico. These homeowners have made the statement that they love the colors of Mexico as well. This is demonstrated with various layers of purple, pink, and blue exterior paint, tiles, pottery, and of course, the lush flowers that our climate allows to flourish.

Many foreigners are taken with Mexico because they perhaps come from an area where “bland” is part of their neighborhood culture. Most neighborhoods in San Carlos have no such restrictions so people are free to express one of the things that made them head south. They decided to trade in bland beige for magnificent magenta.

I am an advocate of San Carlos joining the colorful cities of the world and it looks like the homeowners of Paseo Alegre are some of the first members!

To take a look for yourself, turn right just past the Art Gallery on the main street in San Carlos. You might want to have your camera handy because this small row of homes is certainly photo worthy!

Janey McLean

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