Import Used Foreign Vehicle to Sonora

How to import your used foreign plated vehicle into Sonora, Mexico.

Regularización de vehículos usados de procedencia extranjera. Placas en Sonora

Enter REPUVE digital platform to generate an appointment

Bring the vehicle, and everything listed below to REPUVE. Follow GPS to Parque Infantil in Guaymas. Turn right on first street after park (Mar de Cortez). Then make a couple of turns down dirt roads:  It’s not easy to find. It looks like a closed school. There’s a handmade sign that says “REPUVE”. 

  • Car title / proof of ownership
  • appointment sheet
  • Proof of address (utility bill)
  • Residente Permanente (& copy)
  • Drivers Licence (& copy)
  • Passport (& copy) … they didn’t ask for this, but just in case
  • Attestation / Statement Under Oath of Truth completed & signed
  • Linea de Captura & proof of payment

You wait outside. There are some plastic chairs but no facilities and it takes about 2 hours depending on how many other people are there.

If approved, the worker will put a sticker in your car and give you a sheet of paper with a REPUVE Recibo Oficial stapled to it.

Go to Hacienda in Guaymas to get your license plates (placas). 

Give the following to the person at the first info desk. Bring originals & copies of:

  • The sheet of paper with a REPUVE Recibo Oficial stapled to it that you received above
  • Sonora drivers license
  • Residente permanente or another form of ID with photo
  • 3 photos of the vehicle. One of the photos is the full car from the side in front of the Hacienda building taken that day. You can get this printed at the Six Depósito on the corner. Send it to them by WhatsApp to 622 120 3802. The woman is very helpful and knows what Hacienda requires. The other photos are of the VIN and the sticker in the window that was placed there by REPUVE. They need to be able to clearly see the numbers below the image of the car on the sticker. Below are examples of the photos required.

If everything is in order, you’ll be asked to bring your vehicle to the front of the building for inspection.

Then you move further along the counter to a second person. They’ll have you sign some other papers and give you a bill. Mine cost 2,874 pesos.

Go to the kiosk to pay the bill. 

Bring back proof of payment to a third person who will issue you your plates and a sheet with stickers on it that you’ll apply to the plates and renew annually.

Each year, before March 31, you need to renew your sticker for the plate. You can start the process online here

Photo in front of Hacienda

Photo of REPUVE sticker in window of vehicle

Photo of VIN


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