Isla Tortuga Video

Isla Tortuga Gulf of California MexicoThis video features Isla Tortuga which is located 52 nautical miles from San Carlos in the Gulf of California. Tortuga is an early Pleistocene volcano with a beautiful crater and caldera at the center of the island. Just watch out for the endemic rattle snake if you should go for a hike.

Watch the video and learn more about the island.

Fishing at Isla Tortuga: If you’re up for a long boat ride or an overnighter at Santa Rosalia, Baja, you can find fishing favorites like dorado, grouper, yellowtail and sailfish at the island.

Tortuga Island is also a good spot to dive, with all the favorite Sea of Cortez underwater life waiting, like parrot fish, moray eel, angelfish … you may even spot a whitetip or hammerhead shark.

Where is Isla Tortuga located?

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