Kayak MarinaTerra San Carlos

Marina Terra’s quiet cove is a great place to kayak in San Carlos. You can rent kayaks from the Beach Club (singles and doubles). There are chairs and lounges that belong to the MarinaTerra Hotel. You can purchase drinks and refreshments from the Beach Club, and then use their bathroom facilities, which are very clean and nice.

kayak marina terra From the Marina Terra Beach Club, as you paddle up the left side of the cove, you’ll pass spectacular cliffs that are pock marked with caves and interesting rock formations.As you near the point (Puntas Las Cuevas), you’ll see the arch. If the elements and your skill level permit, you can pass through this narrow opening. Watch for wave action.
marina terra kayak On the other side of the cove past the point, is San Nicolas rock.This is a great bird watching spot as the rock is covered with heron and pelican. You may get lucky and spot a baby heron in a nest.

After your paddle, stop by the Beach Club for some post-paddle refreshments.

Bring your gear, this is also a good snorkel spot.

Location: To get to the beach club, take the main road past the MarinaTerra Hotel, and then turn left at the roundabout and continue to follow the road towards the water (at the Marinaterra Beach Club). If you go in through the Beach Club entrance, you may be asked to pay a fee, even if you just want to pass through to get to the beach. So instead, park in their lot, and then walk to the left of the Beach Club where you will see a path beside a home (adjacent to the Club) which you can use to get to the beach.

Map to Kayak MarinaTerra San Carlos

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