Real Estate Report: Q1 2013

real estate reportRising Real Estate Sales Continue Upward Climb in 1st Quarter of 2013.

In 2012, we saw real estate sales climb on average 40% from the previous year and it looks like 2013 will remain on this upward trend. The much improved US economy and the solid economic climate in Sonora are two key factors.

Many communities north of the border are not just seeing real estate prices stabilize; we are starting to see bidding wars once again. We all know that what goes down must come up and after years of suffering through such tremendous decline and stagnation, we are relishing the light at the end of the tunnel.

For those of us who live in San Carlos, we have seen the growth in Guaymas with the increase of foreign factories, the arrival of Walmart, Sam’s Club, Home Depot and the expansion of the Port. The port expansion alone is expected to create over 1,000 new jobs. In fact, Guaymas was recently voted one of the top ten cities of the future!

Along with strong job growth in Sonora and Guaymas, there is a major program underway by our current Mayor, Otto Claussen, with a focus on cleaning up our community. San Carlos and Guaymas have never looked better! Every single day work crews are in various neighborhoods cleaning up trash or graffiti, removing old signs that cause visual pollution and generally making our communities more beautiful and livable.

And, if all this good news was not enough, let’s look at the real estate numbers for the first quarter of 2013! Click here to see the numbers. by Janey McLean

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