San Carlos Medical & Emergencies

Rescate de San Carlos

Emergency: call 911. The 911 dispatch center dispatches the nearest ambulance, so if you need our help, dial 911 and remember to ask for a RESCATE ambulance.

Rescate in an emergency first-responder ambulance and first aid service located just off the main street (Tetakawi Blvd) by the Creston Sector OXXO in San Carlos. They have well equipped ambulances and EMT’s on site 24/7. The EMT’s can contact a local physician when necessary (Physician fees may be involved).

For non-emergency, call: 226-0911 or 226-0101 (Business Office).

Rescate was founded and is maintained solely by fund raisers & donations received from the San Carlos community. Throughout the year, there are fund-raising events to support Rescate services. These include fishing tournaments, bazaars, rummage sales (tianguis), the annual Melodrama, and publication of a cookbook and community directory of residents and services. The best way to support Rescate is by becoming an annual Gold Card Member.

In Guaymas, the Red Cross Station (Cruz Roja) next to the VW Dealership gives emergency treatment.  Tel is 222-5555 (Emergency).

Rescate can arrange to take patients to hospitals in Hermosillo via a Private Ambulance Service. (This is free for 18kt & 24kt Gold Card Members, IF requested, and arranged for, by your physician).

It may be possible for foreigners to sign up for private health insurance or for the government-sponsored insurance, once they have their FM3s.


There are a lot of pharmacies (Farmacias) in Guaymas and San Carlos.  Most medications do not require a prescription, and often they are cheaper to buy here than in the US or Canada.  However, some prescriptions may be rather pricey without insurance.  Always ask “Cual es el mas barato” to avoid paying marked-up prices.

The best prices are at Benavidez and VH Farmacias.

If you have a pre-existing condition and will require medications here, check to make sure they can be purchased at a pharmacy.


Cima Hospital in Hermosillo.

Medical Tourism in Mexico


In San Carlos, there are several reputable clinics that are popular with the Americans and Canadians. Search the directory for doctors in San Carlos and Guaymas.
Any visit to doctor will likely be a “pay-as-you-go” service. Check in advance if they accept credit cards as payment.


There are several excellent dentists in San Carlos and Guaymas. Search the directory for dentist in San Carlos or Guaymas.

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