San Carlos Pueblo Escenico

San Carlos Pueblo Escenico Initiative Historical Review

by Janey McLean

The idea for San Carlos Pueblo Escenico (SCPE) began as a means to restore and maintain the character of San Carlos, for the purpose of visual appeal, livability, and to improve our economic health. Urban appeal is very important to our sense of well-being. Many people who choose to live in San Carlos do so, not only because of the tremendous natural beauty, but for the charm of living in a small Mexican community.

Over the past years, billboards have been abandoned or fallen down, empty lots have collected litter, and some buildings remain unfinished. This suggests decline instead of a vibrant community. Underneath these layers of distraction lie the beauty and color of San Carlos.

This concept began in 2009, previously called the Scenic District Initiative, and sponsored by the former Pro San Carlos Association. It was later renamed Pueblo Escenico at the suggestion of a State Tourism representative.

Many State and Federal agencies have received our presentation. These include Impulsor, Sonoran Tourism, City of Guaymas, Fonatur, Federal Chamber of Deputies, Senator Alejandro Zapata, and Urban Undersecretary of Federal Social Development, Sara Topelson. A Steering Committee has been formed and consists of the following San Carlos or Sonoran residents: Business Owner Salvador Macias Rangel, Designer Janey McLean, Attorney Christa Thomas (and co-owner/publisher of What’s Up San Carlos), Canacintra Obregon President Carlos Lares and, Canacintra Nogales President Hipolito Sedano. The Steering Committee plans to meet with the Governor of Sonora as soon as can be arranged to personally present the Initiative.

The SCPE Initiative provides a sustainable foundation so that programs can be established and maintained for the long-term growth of San Carlos. This is a pro-business, pro-resident, pro-San Carlos movement.

Change is inevitable. With this Initiative we have the opportunity to enhance an already beautiful community. This decision is up to us. If you agree that the character of San Carlos is worth restoring and maintaining please visit and fill out the “support form” on the home page. The support of the community is very important as we continue to promote this Initiative with State and Federal leaders. Viva San Carlos!

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