Soggy Peso Snorkel

Algadones Protected by the island, the Hangout / Soggy Peso side is usually calmer than the Paradiso side.Right off shore there is some vegetation that attracts large schools of fish … though not the sparkly colorful kind, they are impressive because of their shear number. There are usually small rays and puffer here as well.The rocky crevasses along the island always have plenty of sergeant major and angle fish.
paradiso snorkle
The Paradiso side often has too much wave action, but when it’s calm, it’s awesome. You can swim alongside the island, but a little aquarium exists just off shore, at the end of the point.What you’re likely to see:

  • Stonefish
  • Rock lobster
  • Sergeant majors
  • King angles
  • Small octopus
  • Lots of crabs and sting rays
  • Flounder
The Hangout One of the great things about snorkeling at the beach by the Hang Out … is the Hang Out (aka Soggy Peso).This little beach-front bar is the perfect spot to end your underwater adventure. Stay to watch the sunset while enjoying guacamole, crab tostados and an ice cold cerveza.

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