Tidbit’s Adventures

New San Carlos-based book by Janey McLean

After deciding that I was again ready to take on the commitment of dog ownership, I turned on my laptop one morning and saw an ad on our local community board for “Tidbit,” an orphaned puppy in need of a home. After seeing her adorable picture, I contacted Mary and Gracie who rescued Tidbit and were in the process of restoring her health and preparing her for adoption. Needless to say, upon meeting Tidbit in person I fell in love immediately.

I had adopted Tidbit just a few weeks prior to a planned vacation to my home in Canada at Chilko Lake, British Columbia. So, Tidbit and I began our life together by boarding a 747 out of Phoenix, Arizona bound for Vancouver, B.C. During our summer in Canada, I watched Tidbit as she grew with love and nurturing from a shy little puppy into an outgoing and adventuresome dog. Tidbit became my inspiration for a full color illustrated bilingual children’s book which has now been self-published.

Tidbit’s Adventures promotes animal rescue education, bilingualism, love, friendship and the importance of nurturing in the lives of animals and people. Her story is very familiar to many residents of San Carlos because so many of us have rescued or adopted a dog. In cases like the SBPA and the San Carlos Canine Refuge, these animal protection advocates have made this a full-time mission. Tidbit will be donating a portion of the proceeds from her book which will be divided equally between these two organizations to help other animals that share her story.

The book can be purchased as follows:

  • Walmart Aisle #17 at the check out registry bookstand
  • Dira’s Business Center-next to Megacable in San Carlos
  • For mail orders within the US and Canada desertmountain@theriver.com

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