Where to Buy Appliances

Appliances (linea blanca)

Many brand names familiar to North Americans are widely available in Sonora, including GE, GE Profile, Maytag, Bosch, and Whirlpool. Other popular brands such as LG may have more limited availability in terms of models and stores representing them.

I bought my stove, dish washer, washer & dryer from Famsa on Serdan in downtown Guaymas — all GE or GE profile. After endlessly comparing all the stores, we found that Famsa had the best prices for the models we wanted. Plus, they offer free delivery to San Carlos. I also like the idea that if something goes wrong, they are nearby.

Their online prices are often less than in-store. I printed copies of their web pages and the store was willing to match those prices. They may also give 10-15% discounts if you ask, so ask. There weren’t many sales people who spoke English, but they are very friendly and we got by with Spanglish.

I would have bought my refrigerator from Famsa, but they ran out of stock on the model that I wanted, so I went across the street to Muebleria del Pacifico to purchase the fridge.

In Hermosillo, Liverpool, Sears, Costco, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Ace Hardware, and Home Depot all carry appliances. Often, you can find appliances at Ley and Soriana too, but they tend to be basic models. All of the stores also carry brands exclusive to Mexico, such as Mabe and Acros. Don’t ignore products from a company like Mabe just because you haven’t seen them before – they actually make many models for GE and export them under the GE brand to the USA.

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