Where to Buy Flowers for Mother’s Day

stall on Serdan at calle 10 (across from the new Soriana) and a stand in the Guaymas Mercado both sell nice bouquets of fresh cut flowers for 25 pesos.

Paty’s Florist on 13th in Guaymas has a great selection of fresh cut flowers and will make both arrangements and bouquets. They have everything from sunflowers to carnations. As an example of cost, 12 gladiolas cost 60 pesos and a bird of paradise costs 20 pesos. The shop is open from 7:00am to 8:00pm. They receive their fresh flowers on Thursday afternoons, so the best time to go is Friday morning. To get to Paty’s Florist, take Serdan to 13th, then turn right. It is about a block and half on your left.

Frida’s Flower Shop in San Carlos (near Evie’s and across from MarinaTerra).

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