Hotels in Guaymas

Guaymas Hotels (hoteles)

Looking for a place to stay in San Carlos or Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico? There are many hotels to choose from. We can help you find a place that’s right for you — whether you’re staying for a long weekend or a longtime, or looking for budget or deluxe.

Armida Hotel
Location: Carretera Internacional Salida Norte
Phone: (622) 225-2800,
Toll Free: 1 800-716- 4705

Departmentos Karina
Location: Calle Las Juntas entre Blvd. Benito Juarez y Ensenada Grande
(622) 222-8177

Hotel America
Location: Calle 20 200
Phone: (622) 222-1110

Hotel Ana
Location: Calle 25 No. 135 Ave. 17
Phone: (622) 222-3048

Hotel del Puerto
Location: Yañez No. 92 Colonia Centro
Phone: (622) 224-3408, (622) 222-2491

Hotel del Sol
Location: Calzada Agustín García López No. 995
Phone: (622) 221-9411

Hotel Impala
Location: Calle 21 No. 40 Colonia Centro
Phone: (622) 224-0922, 224-0923

Hotel Malibu
Location: Carretera Internacional Km. 1982 Salida Norte, Colonia Loma Linda
Phone: (622) 221-1807, 221-0548

Hotel Playa de Cortés
Location: Bahía Bacochibampo S/N Col. Miramar
Phone: (622) 221-1048
Toll Free: 1-800-623-4400

Hotel San Enrique
Ave. Serdán No. 590 entre Calles 9 y 10 Col Centro
Phone: (622) 224-1919

Hotel Santa Rita
Location: Calle 9 y Ave. Serdan Col. Centro
Phone: (622) 224-1464

Hotel Santa Rita Aeropuerto
Location: Carretera Internacional Km. 128
Phone: (622) 221-2929 & 221-2930

Leos Inn
Location: Avenida Obregón Colonia Miramar
Phone: (622) 221-0104

Motel Casa Blanca
Location: Carretera Internacional, Km 129
Phone: (622) 221-1828, 221-0993, 221-0559

Motel Flamingos
Location: Carretera Internacional Salida Norte Km. 1982 (Outside Guaymas)
Phone: (622) 221-2061, 221-0961, 221-3161, 221-3261

Suites del Sol Hotel
Location: Blvd. Benito Juárez Norte 2-A Col. Las Juntas
Phone: (622) 221-2900

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  1. thomas Mccarthy says:

    i need a place to stay for one night on the 21st of May

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