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Wild Bill Wichrowski on the Deadliest Catch

Wild Bill Wichrowski on deadliest catchWild Bill Wichrowski on deadliest catch: the new Deadliest Catch boat is the Kodiak.

Her Captain is none other than San Carlos’ own Wild Bill Wichrowski.

Many remember Bill from the big blue converted crab boat, the Arctic Eagle which was anchored in our harbor a few years ago. San Carlos was featured in one of the episodes last year when Bill brought his buddies, the Hillstrands of the Time Bandit boat, for a San Carlos fishing tournaments.

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wild bill Wichrowski

Wild Bill Update: July 2010

San Carlos’ own Captain Wild Bill has headed back north to Alaska. Bill is tendering salmon on the Kodiak and delivering them to Peter Pan Seafoods in Valdez, Alaska. The king crab season starts in October and we will all look forward to Bill’s second season on the Deadliest Catch next year.

Bill has just released his official website. Check it out at www.captwildbill.com. There is good information and a store to purchase “Wild Bill” gear.

One unique twist that Bill is doing is looking for a greenhorn deckhand through the website and Facebook. While filming the “After the Catch” episodes in New Orleans, Bill saw the devastation caused by the BP oil spill firsthand. Before returning to San Carlos, Bill made a swing through Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. Bill knows the effects all too well, after his personal experience up north with the Exxon Valdez spill. Bill is looking for a capable deckhand who has been affected by the BP oil spill. Details and a short video about the search are in the “Contact Bill” section of his website.

This Deadliest Catch video features Wild Bill Wichrowski and the Kodiak crew joining the show.


Wild Bill Wichrowski Videos

Wild Bill calls the Time Bandit to inform them that he hired one of their deckhands:

Kodiak in the Pits:

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  1. Hello wild Bill I am writing in regards of where can i get a application for a fishing job on your boat or one of the other boats i came across your website about you were looking for someone but i think it is to late. So i was just wondering where i can go to get a application. I fought wildland fires for 8 yrs i am in good shape i know what dangerous is all about i had to look after my guys to make sure they didnt do anything stupid and plus i had to make sure i made it home safe as well as my crew and watch the fire. I am not in my 20s but i am 33 i wont let you or anyone down if you can give me the shot my phone number is (360) 535-1811 i hope to hear from you or someone thank you for reading this and i will be waiting for a respond back. Again thank you

  2. bill where can i get a application for a fishing job on your boat my phone number is
    414 339-6416
    Martin quintero