Yacht Club / Rescate Fishing Tournament: May 31 – June 2, 2024

Come fish the magic waters of San Carlos. The 2023 Yacht Club / Rescate Fishing Tournament will take place from May 31 – June 2, 2024.

It promises to be a fun time, as always, with lots of prizes including new daily angler awards. This is an event where a lone angler could enter and for no more than the entry fee walk off with several thousand dollars in prize money. And, this year, 1st place will win a BMW G 310 R 2022. There are Daily Angler Awards and both Fun Fish Jackpots and regular Jackpots.

The entry fee is $200 USD per angler (there’s no boat fees). Register here.
The entry fee entitles each angler to be eligible for the “Daily Award”, an awards dinner ticket, and souvenir clothing to commemorate the Tournament.

Other buy-in jackpots are available.

The Rules:

Read the complete 2023 Tournament Rules here. Get your fishing license online here.

2023 Yacht Club / Rescate Fishing Tournament Schedule:

Friday June 2, from 5:00pm to 7:00pm: Tournament Registration and Cocktails at the San Carlos Yacht Club. The Tournament Committee will be available at Registration to answer questions.
Saturday, June 3: fishing starts at 7:00am and ends at 3:00pm.
Sunday, June 4: fishing starts at 7:00am and ends at 3:00pm.
Awards Dinner:
Sunday, June 4: The Awards Dinner will be held at the San Carlos Yacht Club. The bar will open at 6:00pm with dinner at 7:00pm with Awards after Dinner.

Rescate / Yacht Club Fishing Tournament Results

2023 Rescate / Yacht Club Fishing Tournament Results

Here are the final results for most points:

1st Place – Baby Girl
2nd Place – Relax
3rd Place – Telemon

2022 Rescate / Yacht Club Fishing Tournament Results

66 anglers (4 of them juniors) on 19 boats competed in this year’s Yacht Club / Rescate Fishing Tournament. 12 billfish were reported and 15 dorado brought to weighing station.

Here are the final results for most points:
1st place – Scorpio
2nd place – Baby Girl
3rd place – Telamon

Biggest Dorado – Day 1: Adam Goldring (24.6 lb). – Day 2: Judy Earl (23 lb).

Juniors division – 1º Nicco Finocchiaro

2019 Rescate / Yacht Club Fishing Tournament Results

Thirteen boats released 21 marlin and two sails in the tournament. Many were seen and missed. Kryptonite took first in the tournament with four releases and their weighable Dorado. Larger Dorado were seen and missed, but 22 pounds was the largest weighed in the tournament. Only one other barely made the 12 pounds minimum. Kryptonite also caught the first released fish jackpots.

2018 Rescate / Yacht Club Fishing Tournament Results

I think we found the sailfish on Sunday, but couldn’t get more than one to come up from the bottom of the bait balls. Most all of the other 20 boats in the Rescate tournament headed farther out, where a consistent bite of a billfish or two and a few dorado had been found over the last few weeks. Maybe a third of the boats released a billfish, with a handful of dorado topping the weigh-able 12# mark. The winning fish was 24.8#. A couple boats released two billfish. A few marlin gave some good battles. Baby Girl managed to find the hot spots and clearly won with five releases for their first major win.  by Bryan Replogle

2017 winner: Reel Mistress

2017 Tournament Results:

73 anglers on 21 boats competed in the 2017 San Carlos Yacht Club Rescate Fishing Tournament. 178 billfish were released. Reel Mistress won, and Kryptonite and El Patron came in 2nd. Here are the complete results:

Junior Division – under 13
#1 – Robert King Junior – 450 points fishing on Reel Office
#2 – Dakota Van Weelden – 300 point fishing on Edventure

Overall Results:
1st place Reel Mistress – 3750 points
2nd place Kryptonite – 3450 points
2nd Place El Patron – 3450 points.

First Sailfish Release each day award:
Saturday – Wade Earl – Kryptonite
Sunday – Doug King – Chaca Chaca

San Carlos Yacht Club Member Award: Wade Earl on Kryptonite

Funfish Angler Awards daily:
Saturday Tamara Williamson – Dorado 14.4lbs, fishing on Predator
Sunday no qualifying fish.

San Carlos Yacht Club Member Award:
Wade Earl – Kryptonite

Top Captains:
1. German Estrada – Reel Mistress
2. Roberto Amador – Kryptonite
2. Jilbento Iachica – El Patron

2016 Tournament Results:

19 boats competed in the 2016 San Carlos Yacht Club Rescate Fishing Tournament.

Telamon won (congratulations Bryan Replogle), Predator came in 2nd and Kryptonite in 3rd.

Telamon pulled off a close victory by a few fish over Predator with 25 releases.

Most boats had pretty good fishing, with a few dorado to eat. Some 20 – 25 pound dorado were caught, with some losing a couple at 30 pounds.

2015 Tournament Results:

With temperatures in the low 90’s and flat seas to start, the two day fishing tournament was a resounding success.

Boats came from Navojoa and Hermosillo in Sonora and as far away as California and Colorado, with many “local” fishers from Arizona taking part in addition to local San Carlos boats, some of whom were first-time entrants.

Overall winner was “Reel Mistress” with a total of 21 Billfish released for the two days.
Overall second was “Telamon” with a total of 12 Billfish released for the two days.
Overall third was local boat “Kryptonite” with a total of 9 Billfish released.

1st: Pay It Forward; 2nd: No Limit; 3rd: Cortezano for $300 jackpot Billfish division.

There were 55 anglers competing for a variety of prizes in particular, the first released Billfish each day was worth $500 US to the lucky angler. Ironically, the same person managed to win both days! – Ken Diaz, on Telamon – Congratulations!

The largest fish in the “fun fish” category was awarded to Mike Wusterbarth on Margarita IV for Saturday’s award, and to Pedro Almada on the boat Tres Mitades from Navojoa for Sunday’s award.

Other winners were Margarita IV – Dorado division.

Top Captains were:
1st: Herman Estrada
2nd: Jesse Hernandez
3rd: Roberto Amador

After a high spirited awards ceremony, many boats donated extra money to Rescate, thereby helping even more towards the various life-saving endeavors of our local service.

2013 Tournament Results
team predator winnersOfficial Results:
Winning Team – Predator (pictured right)
Second Team – Kryptonite
Third Team – Telamon

1st – Predator Captain, Morgan North
2nd – Kryptonite Captain, Roberto Amador
3rd – Telamon Captain, Jesse Hernandez

Largest Dorado – Pilo Quintana on Lucky Ducks

Saturday – 182 Released billfish
Sunday – 98 Released billfish
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2010 Tournament Results
102 anglers in 27 boats competed in this year’s Rescate / Yacht Club Fishing Tournament.

The final results were:

Lucky Ducks: owner Steve Fusco with 4 anglers and boat captain Rafael Fimbres with 469.6 points.
DiBecca: owner Dave Butrum with 3 anglers and boat captain Sunny with 300 points.
Kryptonite: owner Wade Earl with 4 anglers and boat captain Juan Gastenau with 300 points.

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