Emergency Numbers

Emergency Numbers for San Carlos, Sonora Mexico.

For emergencies, call 9-1-1. To contact police, fire department, Rescate, Red Cross and Civil Protection, you can dial 911.

As of September 2023, All Emergency Calls go through 911.

There is no need to call Rescate directly. Call 911.

The bilingual operator will determine which emergency medical service is required — police, fire, or ambulance service.

Please use 911 for emergencies only.

If your situation is non life threatening, you are asked to call the San Carlos police at 622-226-1400 or 622-226-1932.

San Carlos Red Cross

San Carlos Red Cross is in the Bahia across from the Esterito Cafe. Dial 911 if you require assistance.

There is a clinic with 2 emergency rooms, 2 state-of-the-art 2022 Ford Transit ambulances and trained personnel that will operate 24/7 for the safety and benefit of everyone.

It is a free service.

Rescate San Carlos

In San Carlos, call Rescate for medical emergencies at (622) 226 0911. Rescue service is now available on 911
The 911 dispatch center dispatches the nearest ambulance, so if you need our help, dial 911 and remember to ask for a RESCATE ambulance.

Cruz Roja Guaymas

Telephone: (622) 222-5555 & 222-2108
Address: Carretera Internacional Km. 1980
Facebook: cruzrojaguaymas

Firefighters (Bomberos)

San Carlos’ new Fire Station Number 4 (as of 2021): 622-690-2180 (24 hours). Bomberos (fire) Guaymas 622-221-3231.

In Guaymas, call: (622) 222 00 10 & 222 74 44
Calle 14 y Ave. 10 Colonia Centro Guaymas, Sonora

Policía Municipal

Telephone: 622-224-0105 (norte) and 622-222-7444 (centro)
Address: Calle 11 y Avenida 9 Guaymas, Sonora

Green Angels (Angeles Verdes)

Orientation, assistance and tourist help on highways
Telephone: 078
For more information on the Green Angels.

Comisario San Carlos

Telephone: 622-226-1400, 622-226-1932
Comisario, Dr. Neil Lozano Márquez
Address: Paseo de las Ostras 109 Esq. Ostión y Calamar, San Carlos
email: comisaria_sancarlos@hotmail.com

COVID help

  • Sentinel Unit COVID-19 “Guaymas Norte”, 622-221-0108
  • COVID-19 direct line for Secretary of Health, Sonora 622-216-2759. Call Monday to Sunday from 8:00am to 8:00pm if you suspect you have COVID-19 and a doctor will give you advice and care if needed. If you are over 50, pregnant or belong to a vulnerable group and you tested positive for COVID-19, call 662-216-2759 and an oximeter and medications will be delivered to your home free of charge.
  • CIMA Hospital 662-259-0900
  • IMSS 622-222-5237
  • IMSS toll-free number for COVID-19 issues 800-222-2668
  • The Mexican Secretary of Health hotline 800-0044-800
  • US Consulate General in Hermosillo 662-690-3262

In San Carlos and Guaymas, where can you get COVID-19 tested?

  • Laboratorio Ramos in Guaymas (across from Burger King / Ley Mall in Guaymas). This lab can do PCR, rapid antigen and antibody tests.
  • San Carlos Medical Clinic, Dr. Andrew Yakushevich. In San Carlos across the street from Ley Express supermarket. No appointment necessary. Hours: Monday – Thursday: 9am – 3pm. Friday: 9am – noon. 622-226-2223.
  • Laboratorio Acuña in Plaza las Palmas, San Carlos. You don’t need an appointment. 622-113-5225.
  • Diazlab Clinica (across from the Ley Mall in Guaymas). For appointment, call 622-132-3247. They come to your car (enter the strip mall parking lot just past AutoZone).

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