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Kayaking is very popular in San Carlos.  There are many beautiful areas to explore. It is usually best to go early before the winds pick up in the afternoons.

Two of the best spots to kayak are at the estuary by Pilar Condos and the arches and caves by the Marinaterra Beach Club (see info below on these 2 locations).

You can rent kayaks from the following:

  • Sonoran Sports (be prepared to have to put it in a car and take it to your destination Tel:  226-0920)
  • Marinaterra Beach Club
  • Ocean Sports (their kayaks are located at the San Carlos Plaza hotel)
  • San Carlos Aquatic Adventures. Their kayaks are located at Pillar Condos, by the estuary.  Cel:  622-855-5926.
  • Paradiso
  • El Mar Diving.

Guided tours are also available.

Kayak MarinaTerra San Carlos

Marina Terra’s quiet cove is a great place to kayak in San Carlos. You can rent kayaks from the Beach Club (singles and doubles). There are chairs and lounges that belong to the MarinaTerra Hotel. You can purchase drinks and refreshments from the Beach Club, and then use their bathroom facilities, which are very clean and nice.

kayak marina terraFrom the Marina Terra Beach Club, as you paddle up the left side of the cove, you’ll pass spectacular cliffs that are pock marked with caves and interesting rock formations.As you near the point (Puntas Las Cuevas), you’ll see the arch. If the elements and your skill level permit, you can pass through this narrow opening. Watch for wave action.
marina terra kayakOn the other side of the cove past the point, is San Nicolas rock.This is a great bird watching spot as the rock is covered with heron and pelican. You may get lucky and spot a baby heron in a nest.

After your paddle, stop by the Beach Club for some post-paddle refreshments.

Bring your gear, this is also a good snorkel spot.

Location: To get to the beach club, take the main road past the MarinaTerra Hotel, and then turn left at the roundabout and continue to follow the road towards the water (at the Marinaterra Beach Club). If you go in through the Beach Club entrance, you may be asked to pay a fee, even if you just want to pass through to get to the beach. So instead, park in their lot, and then walk to the left of the Beach Club where you will see a path beside a home (adjacent to the Club) which you can use to get to the beach.

Map to Kayak MarinaTerra San Carlos

Kayak Estuary San Carlos

Tips for kayaking in the estuary: Go when the tide is in, or you’ll be dragging your kayak through mud. And, remember your binoculars.

The estuary is located near the Bahia Delfin and Pilar condominiums. It is home to over 100 different bird species. Some reside here year round, like the snowy and the reddish egrets, great blue herons, and terns. Others use the estuary as a stop-over during their
migration to warmer winter climates in the south. We are often graced by roseate spoonbills. The Mexican government, in June 2006, designated Estero del Soldado an ecological reserve. Fishing and motors of any sort are not permitted, adding to the tranquility of the area. This calm shallow location is ideal for paddlers of all ages and skill levels.
estuaryAn estuary is …

  • A place where freshwater and saltwater meet.
  • Freshwater can come from: rivers, creeks, land drainage, streams, and rainfall.
  • An estuary has tides, just like the ocean or sea.
  • The high tides bring in the saltwater and add nutrients to the estuary.
  • The tides also take away waste and pollution.

The functions of the estuary …

  • It’s a home to many different animals and plants.
  • It provides protection and food to those animals and plants.
  • Many species, such as the shrimp use estuaries to raise their young.

Kayak San Carlos Videos

Follow these paddlers as they explore the rugged coast and blue waters of San Carlos from kayaks.

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