A Local Bus Experience Part 2

Our own special entertainment

Our Own Special Entertainment

Last Friday Nadine and I set off for part 2 of our Guaymas bus treks. Friends Joanne and Linda joined us. Again we boarded outside Condos Triana at approximately 9:45 am, fare 12 pesos, and departed on Serdan and walked behind the Central Mercado. Unbeknownst to us, but a great find for us ladies, is a bathroom located on the back side of the Central Mercado. It costs 4 pesos to use it but it is clean, has toilet paper, water and soap. The first bus we took said it’s destinations included Antena and Termo, fare 5.5 pesos. This bus went over to Calle 10 and turned left and then headed the back way to the old Soriana grocery store. It then proceeded to the Nextel store and turned left. It then went on the back road to Miramar. On the way back towards Serdan a guitar player came on board and serenaded us with songs. The bus goes along the waterfront all the way to the main CFE plant, turns around, and then returns to behind the Central Mercado.

The second bus we boarded indicated it’s destination was 10 Palmas/100 Casas, fare 5.5 pesos. This bus went again left on Calle 10 and then on the road toward the baseball stadium. Before the stadium and right after a school located on the right of the street, the bus turned right. Our friend Linda let us know that a Saturday tiangus is held on this road. The bus then turned around and headed back toward Serdan and turned right before the public hospital on Calle 10. We went down to the auditorium and then to the parking lot by the marina. Here the bus driver queried as to why we hadn’t gotten off the bus. It took the four of us and a helpful local who spoke some English to let the bus driver know that we wanted to go to the end of his line and then return to the Central Mercado. Here the bus driver stops the bus and exits it. He returns with a long hose and a gas can and begins refueling the bus. All along the ‘helpful local’ is smoking a cigarette. This ‘helpful local’ tells us “diesel, no boom”. The bus driver boards the bus again and turns on some very graphic American rap music and begins to pole dance for us. He then returns us to the Central Mercado.

It is now time for lunch and our friend Joanne says she knows of a place inside the Central Mercado that has the best chicken mole. She was right. A plate with 2 pieces of chicken in mole, refried beans, rice, and corn tortillas, all for 40 pesos. Then the chef brings us each a plate of stewed zucchini with corn and cheese. Really delicious. We are too full even for ice cream so we board the bus back to San Carlos. Several students from Obregon, headed to San Carlos with their suitcases, board the bus and Joanne and Linda have a nice conversation with one of them. We return home around 3:00 pm.

There is still the Miramar bus for us to take and maybe one other Guaymas city bus but it seems like we have done the treks that the buses take throughout Guaymas. Again, there is no a/c so if you are going to go this time of year, go early in the day.

by Shelly Johnson

Neighbourhood In Guaymas

Neighbourhood In Guaymas

Nadine, Linda & Joanne

Nadine, Linda & Joanne

veggie lady across from old Sorianas

Veggie lady across from old Sorianas

refueling bus while smoking

Refueling bus while smoking

bus driver entertaining us gringas

Bus driver entertaining us gringas

pots of food at loncheria where we ate

Pots of food at loncheria where we ate

Loncheria Lupita (since 1966 - WOW!)

Loncheria Lupita (since 1966 – WOW!)

loncherias in Central Mercado

Loncherias in Central Mercado

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