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San Carlos’ beaches have it all: white powder sand, dolphins frolicking off-shore, waters teaming with wildlife and great sea-side restaurants.

Discover The Aquarium in San Carlos Mexico

In this video, you’ll boat out of Marina San Carlos to the turquoise waters of The Aquarium and discover the underwater wonders that are just off shore in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico.

Beaches San Carlos Mexico

San Carlos and Guaymas beaches, including Algadones beach, San Fransisco beach, Miramar, La Posada, MarinaTerra, Playa Piedra Pintas, Pilar and Cochorit.

Tide Pool Discovery

An excellent San Carlos pass time, especially with younger member of the family, is exploring tide pools. One of my favorite locations is by the Marina Terra Beach Club.The tide pools are created when the tide goes out, leaving seawater in isolated depressions in the rocks. Numerous colorful and interesting organisms call the tide pools home,

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