Festival Tránsito en el Mar, November 19 – 24

On Sunday, November 24, head over to the beach next to El Mar restaurant to watch a number of performers from Hermosillo, Guaymas and San Carlos. This is all part of the city-wide Festival Tránsito en el Mar.

This event goes from 4:00pm – 6:00pm.

The cost is 100 pesos or $5 USD, and you can buy tickets on the day of the event.

Las Adictas al Baile, the Ballet Folklórico Sonora Tradicional from Hermosillo, and SensaNova will be performing.

Food and drinks will also be available.

The Festival takes places from November 19 to 24. You can see the full schedule here and find more info on the Facebook event page.


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24 de Noviembre

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