A Happy New Year’s gift to you from Telmex

It’s not often that you get more services from a phone company without paying more for them. But we must have been very good last year, because Telmex is rewarding us with a telephone/internet package with NEW BENEFITS, for FREE.

For clients with the “Paquete Conectes en Infinitum” package, the monthly charge for a home landline and internet continues to be 389 pesos (inclusive of taxes). However, effective January 1, 2015, the improved services now include:

  • 200 minutes to calls from your home’s landline to a cellular phone (044 and 045). Before it was only 100 minutes, and didn’t include a 045 cell phone (for example, Hermosillo cell phone #s)
  • Unlimited long-distance calls to Canada and the USA (does not include Alaska or Hawaii)
  • Unlimited long-distance calls (landline to landline) in Mexico
  • Unlimited long-distance calls to 50 countries (outside of Canada, the USA, and Mexico). Click here for a list of countries (the list is on the 2nd page)
  • The 100 calls from one home landline to another landline per month has not changed.

Telmex has made it even easier to stay connected with your friends and family here in San Carlos and back home. Thank you Carlos Slim! For more information and for other package options, ask at the Telmex office, or visit their website: telmex.com.

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