Huichol traditional beaded art Show

On Monday, February 23; Tuesday, February 24; and Wednesday, February 25, there will be a fine display of Huichol bead work at Solimar’s office from 10:00am to 4:00pm.

Returning to San Carlos are Rosendo Carrillo de la Rosa and his wife Celia from Santa Catarina, Jalisco. They are members of the Huichols indigenous people.

The Huichol have a long history of beading, making jewelry and decorating bowls and other figures, including stunning animals and decorative masks. The brightly colored commercial beads are fastened with wax and resin, in very intricate and beautiful patterns. Many of the designs have religious and cultural significance, often induced by visions which occur during peyote rituals.

It is worth a visit just to view the pieces, and many of us will not have the opportunity to see this traditional beaded art at any other place or time. The prices are very reasonable. Come and enjoy.

The Solimar office is located on the same road as the Golf Course. Drive past Club Deportivo and look for the sign on the right saying Art Show. Park and follow the pathway.

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