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Recipes from locally available ingredients

Jen’s Mexican Pineapple Fried Rice | Makin’ It in Mexico

Mexican Pineapple Fried RiceA visiting friend told me about this dish that she had at a restaurant in Thailand and they served it in a hulled-out pineapple and that sounded very cool. I’m not a huge fan of pineapple because it is too sweet to me so I added some zip to balance that out and I do love this dish.

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Jazzed Horchata Chiller | Makin’ it in Mexico

Jazzed Horchata ChillerThere is nothing we like better on a hot day than an iced coffee. So why not add some goodness like brown rice and almonds to make it a real treat. Now you can do this the easy way and that would be to simply mix already brewed coffee with almond milk and a pinch of cinnamon but hey,

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Tangy Tomatillo Topping | Makin’ It in Mexico

Tomatillos are the Mexican version of a green tomato. To me, they taste like a cross between a green apple and a ripe red tomato. You can eat them raw or cooked, just like a gringo green tomato. This recipe is very versatile and can be used as a salad dressing or as a sauce for fish or chicken or even as a dipping sauce for veggies.

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Herb Crusted Vegetarian Pate | Makin’ It in Mexico

Herb Crusted Vegetarian PateSt. Paddy’s Day this week is all about the ‘meat’, but what about those who don’t eat meat? This is a nice vegetarian dish that can be served as an appetizer or as a main course.
1 1/2 cups cooked lentils
2/3 cup raw almonds
2/2 cup raw pecans
1 1/2 –

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Forget About It Crockpot French Onion Soup | Makin’ It in Mexico

french onion soupThere is still time to enjoy some soup before our weather gets too hot. This is a soup that takes very little effort and the final result is super yummy! What makes it so easy is that you caramelize the onions in the crockpot prior to adding any broth.

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Orange You Nuts to Cheese Me Fritters | Makin’ It in Mexico

Ricotta can now be found in most grocery stores here and I wanted to find something to do with it besides make lasagna. The orange curd I added to it was an afterthought but turned these fritters into something super tasty.

2 cups Ricotta (or Cottage Cheese)
3 teaspoons fresh mixed herbs (parsley,

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I Don’t Like Brussels Sprouts Salad | Makin’ It in Mexico

brussel sprouts saladYep, just like the recipe name says, you need to try this recipe even if you are one who claims ‘I don’t like brussels sprouts’. Really, the croutons, cheese, ate (or guava paste), and dressing pretty much cover up the taste of the brusslies. Brussels sprouts can be found at the Wednesday tianguis in Guaymas and the Sunday tianguis in Empalme right now.

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New Year’s Resolution to Eat Healthier Morsels | Makin’ It in Mexico

Eat Healthier MorselsSomewhere on the list of all of our New Year Resolutions is the one to try to eat healthier. This bite size snack made with kale and quinoa fits the bill.

Plus, winter crops are starting to come up in our garden and this includes kale,

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Even Dogs Need Holiday Cheer Treats | Makin’ It in Mexico

dog cookiesIf made with buckwheat flour, these are wheat allergen-free for your special Fido (sorry, I believe you’d have to bring this down from the USA). Buckwheat flour is denser so you will use less of it. I had pumpkin puree left over from another recipe so I used this instead of the sweet potato puree,

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Multiple Choice Cookies | Makin’ It in Mexico

Multiple Choice CookiesYes, it is that time of year where even if you are not a baker, you may become one for a short time to enhance the holiday season. I love creating recipes with choices so each person can add the ingredient they like. The choices here range from chocolate,

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Pretzels Dipped in Mustard Fish | Makin’ It in Mexico

Pretzels Dipped in Mustard Fish Makin' It in Mexico 2Besides peanut butter and pretzels, ok, maybe even chocolate and pretzels, there isn’t anything better than mustard and pretzels. Let’s incorporate this combo with fish.

4 TBSP mustard
1 c ground pretzels
6 fish fillets
Canola oil

Dry fish fillets on paper towels.

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Fried Stuffed Celery | Makin’ It in Mexico

fried stuffed celeryWe can always find celery in the markets here. Is it always crisp and fresh? No, but here is a recipe to use it even if it isn’t at its peak.

1 bunch celery, washed and cut into 3″ pieces
Cream cheese
2 cloves garlic,

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Scorching Summer Chicken | Makin’ It in Mexico

summer chicken recipeHere is crispy chicken that is baked, not fried, and that scorches your tongue to get your mind off our
sweltering summer weather.

2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1/2 cup flour
Salt and pepper, to taste
1 egg
1/8 cup milk
1/8 cup Franks hot sauce
3/4 cup Panko
1/8 cup peanut oil

Cut chicken breasts into 8 chunk size pieces or strips.

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Chillin’ Yogurt Pie | Makin’ It in Mexico

yoghurt pieI wanted something cold, sweet, easy, and fairly healthy. This recipe has a million combinations. First, I thought it would be a chocolate yogurt pie and then found out that Mexico does not have chocolate-flavored yogurt. Then I starting thinking about a Pina Colada cream pie but couldn’t find either pineapple-flavored yogurt or even cans of chopped pineapple so I could flavor plain yogurt.

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Miracle Moringa Booster Bites | Makin’ It in Mexico

Try this recipe for Miracle Moringa Booster Bites and enjoy the many health benefits of Moringa trees — the entire plant (except the roots) is edible!

Sweet and Salty Pasta and a Fizz | Makin’ It in Mexico

Figs are in season and if you are lucky enough to have a tree or know of someone who does, now is the time to pick and savor these luscious fruits (before the birds get them).

Besides just popping these in your mouth for a delightful snack, or putting them in ice cream or yogurt,

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2 Herbs Go Nuts Meeting LaLa Pesto Salad | Makin’ It in Mexico

Pesto salad recipe: try this delicious version of basic pesto that uses parsley, pecans, a local cheese, and yogurt.

Peachy Typhoon Froth| Makin’ It in Mexico

peachy typhoon frothThe Weather Wonk says we are in hurricane season and I can sure feel that the heat and humidity have risen. I’m going to hunker down with a nice fruity, refreshing, sparkling cocktail and wait the season out.

1 cup peach nectar (make sure it says ‘nectar’

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When a Recipe Isn’t a Recipe Frittata | Makin’ It in Mexico

frittataWhat could be easier than throwing together most any ingredients you like, baking them, and having a satisfying breakfast? Frittatas fit this bill and are very simple to make. This is certainly one of those dishes that anyone can make and you don’t even need to measure anything.

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Colorado Chile Rellenos Hablan Espanol | Makin’ It in Mexico

These fried Chile Rellenos have chopped green chiles and grated cheese rolled inside an egg-roll wrapper — a delicious twist on the cheese stuffed pepper version.

Cauliflower Wings | Makin’ It in Mexico

The illustrious publisher of What’s Up is always forwarding me recipes that she would like me to try out. Then she wants to be my “taster” to make sure my recipe is worthy.  Well she forwarded me this one, Cauliflower Wings, and I had to try it and put my own spin on it.

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Pina/Preztel Lanilla con una Pizca de Coco | Makin’ It in Mexico

I love pretzels, either by themselves, dipped in ranch dressing or mustard, or covered in chocolate. So incorporating them into a dessert idea wasn’t hard. I wanted something light but crunchy, sweet but salty.

The hard part was finding a substitute for whipped cream here in Mexico. I found a product at Ley Express called Chantilly in the dairy case.

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Beer Brined Roasted Chicken | Makin’ It in Mexico

For those of you who would like to try Beer Can Chicken but don’t have the space in your grill, try this oven roasting method. It is time consuming but very simple and the chicken turns out succulent and juicy.

1 whole chicken
1 c water
1/2 c salt
1 TBSP whole cloves
1 TBSP whole peppercorns
2 c ice
2 bottles dark beer

1 TBSP paprika
1 TBSP onion powder
1 tsp cumin powder
1 tsp cayenne powder

Heat water,

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Hangover Remedies: Makin’ It in Mexico

Even though we say we’re not going to drink too much tonight, we will anyway, and we’ll suffer tomorrow. Here’s to feeling good after having fun! Bring on the New Year.

Cheese Ball However You Please: Makin’ It in Mexico

cheese ballPARTY, PARTY, PARTY. They abound this time of year and you know what goes with it; “Bring Your Own Booze and an Appetizer To Share”. Everyone loves cheese and crackers and cheese balls are so easy to make and festive.

Mix together 8 oz softened cream cheese,

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Blueberry Cornbread Oatmeal Pancakes: Makin’ It In Mexico

The mornings are getting cooler. Starting your day with these delicious pancakes will certainly warm you up.

These are a true pan “cake” made with masa de maiz which is corn flour made from hominy. This means the pancakes will be thicker and more dense than a flour pancake and will take a little longer to cook.

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A Twist on Eggnog: Makin’ It in Mexico

We still have a few days to enjoy holiday favorites. Almond milk is now readily available here. It has less calories and more calcium than milk. Plus it is lactose and gluten free. We are already packing on extra poundage from all we are eating and drinking this time of year,

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Herb Fritters: Makin’ It In Mexico

1/2 c prepared instant mashed potatoes
3/4 c shredded cheese (any type you like)
1 egg, beaten
1 garlic clove, minced
1 c fresh cilantro, parsley, basil, oregano (whatever you can find that is fresh), finely chopped (one of these or a mixture of them)
Salt &

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Take Me Back to Southern California Carnitas: Makin’ It In Mexico

carnitasThere is nothing like Mexican food from Southern California. Yep, I’d have to say it is better than you get here in Mexico. I’m really surprised that crispy carnitas is not served here. Crispy on the outside, succulent on the inside, and so flavorful that you just want to eat it by itself and savor it.

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Tortilla Soup: Makin’ It In Mexico

I guess someone else likes soup as much as we do as I’ve received a request to publish this recipe. Tortilla soup is hearty and satisfying and making it in the crock pot is easy**.

1 whole chicken
4 cups water
7 tomatoes, cut in quarters
2 green chiles,

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