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Bobby & Leslie Sahlenby Leslie Sahlen

Our little show has an ever changing line-up as not everyone is a San Carlos “fulltimer.” Collectively we decided to from now on call our show Mexmo (read bio below).

Our last few shows of the season are coming up. Then, we’re are spending the summer months finishing up a CD of 14 songs to be released in the fall of 2012. Over the next few weeks we’ll be releasing “singles” and will let you know when they are available online. We had many fan requests to record (and upload to YouTube) our version of the old Dolly Parton hit, “Old Flames Can’t Hold A Candle To You”. So here it is! I thought the best way to do a video for a love song was to tell a love story. Ours has been a musical love story, and oh what adventures we’ve had!

Mexmo Bio

“Why don’t you start the Mexican Motown? Not just record artists, nurture their confidence and stage presence too. You can call it Mexmo!”

Those words were prophetically uttered by my longtime music buddy Chris Montez on my front porch as he contemplated his dream of retiring to Mexico and working with kids. That was over four years ago. Chris is still on the road delighting audiences worldwide with his many hits. There’s even a documentary of his life in production now, Chris Montez, A Man and His Music. Be sure and watch for it, he’s a musical treasure. Mexmo became a corporation in Mexico and currently working on our 21st CD. Our goals have always included creating events for local charity groups, and encouraging amateur and professional musicians and singers. Mexmo!

Mexmo is located in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico. Commonly referred to as a “drinking village with a fishing problem,” it’s a little slice of paradise where the desert meets the Sea of Cortez about 250 miles south of Tucson. It’s also home/2nd home/Want to home to a friendly and internationally diverse community of talented artists. Not just music, but visual and technical artists. There’s a lot of love in this little community, and a generous love of art for art’s sake.

Over the years with our live shows the players and band names have changed, it got confusing. Some musicians are only here part of the year, many go on tour. The commonality was always my guitar picking songwriter husband Bobby, me (Leslie Sahlen), and shows/records produced by Mexmo. So it makes more sense our shows will be as the artist Mexmo! Our fans know that “band” includes a wonderful assortment of featured artists who might include Bliss Cochran, Rachel Souza, Peter Pope Jones, Neil Duvall, The Twins, Manuelito, Hans Gundman, and even Trop Rock award winner, Sam Rainwater, pulls out his uke when he can. Bruce Munson and his Trailer Trash Royalty have been known to grace the stage.

What you get is MexiBlues, Baja Bluegrass, Mariachi Fusion, Coconut Country and Twisted Americana.

You can catch Mexmo live in San Carlos, and “live” concert broadcasts on

All the Mexmo recorded products under a variety of artist names can be found at and at

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