Mexican Yoghurt Goes Greek: Makin’ It In Mexico

We LOVE Greek style yogurt due to it’s thicker consistency. We like the flavor of Mexican yogurt but HATE the consistency. So here’s a simple way to always have Greek style yogurt on hand while using the Mexican yogurt available here.

1 large carton LaLa Yoghurt Natural Sin Azucar (see photo – this has a clear top with blue foil underneath)
Large fine mesh strainer
Large bowl

Line your strainer with 4 layers of cheesecloth (maybe available at the fabric store in Guaymas otherwise purchased up North). Cheesecloth comes in a package wapped around a piece of cardboard, unroll and cut off enough to overlap your strainer (this is actually 4 very thin layers of cheesecloth). You can also use a men’s hankerchief, a tea towel, cloth baby diapers, or a coffee filter (mesh or paper). Place strainer over large bowl. Pour yoghurt into strainer. Place bowl in refrigerator for 24 hours. Scrape yoghurt out of strainer and into a resealable container (you lose about 1 cup of yoghurt but gain all that creamy thickness). Enjoy in the classic Greek manner with honey and almonds or use as a substitute for sour cream or use in a smoothie.

Now do not throw out what remains in your straining bowl. This is whey from the yoghurt, you’ll get about 1 cup. Whey is loaded with protein and calcium. Use it as a substitute for liquids in baking, put a block of feta cheese in it to preserve it, feed your garden with it, or use as a substitute for buttermilk.

by Shelly Johnson

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