Plants and Wildlife

Part of getting out there and doing it, is enjoying the surroundings … cacti, pelicans, whales, dolphins, oh my!

Apr 202012
Bloomin Cacti

Those Bloomin’ Cacti In the desert, July showers bring overnight flowers. After weathering several thunderstorms, San Carlos is rewarded with a lush and vibrant landscape. The rains have brought the land back to life, and the hills are green and the cacti blooming. Some part-time San Carlos residents are reluctant to be here in the [read more …]

Apr 202012
Tide Pool Discovery

An excellent San Carlos pass time, especially with younger member of the family, is exploring tide pools. One of my favorite locations is by the Marina Terra Beach Club.The tide pools are created when the tide goes out, leaving seawater in isolated depressions in the rocks. Numerous colorful and interesting organisms call the tide pools [read more …]