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Neighborhoods of San Carlos – El Creston

Situated between Tetakawi Blvd and the waterfront, the Creston neighborhood is familiar to most San Carlos residents as the southern half of the community’s main commercial strip.

Neighborhoods of San Carlos – Ranchitos

Situated between the more intense development closer to Tetakawi Blvd and the hills to the north (“Cerro Canteras”), the Ranchitos comprise one of the largest sectors in San Carlos. Are they really “little ranches”, as the name implies?

San Carlos Design: The Magic of Staging

San Carlos Design: The Magic of Staging

Before and after photos
interior design san carlosinterior design san carlosIf you have a home on the market today, it is more important than ever that your home is well-staged and visually appealing, both outside and inside. The same things that you find appealing and inviting about a home are the same things that buyers will notice when they enter your home.

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Buying Property in Mexico

What the heck is “Terrenos Ganados al Mar”?

Okay, so you have experienced the magic of San Carlos and have decided to secure your niche and buy property on the waterfront. After all, where else can you live the dream of owning a luxury beachfront home in North America without being on the Rich and Famous list?

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Buying in San Carlos Mexico

Buying in San Carlos Mexico

Have you been visiting San Carlos for years? Perhaps you are here for the first time and have fallen in love with our beautiful landscape, active lifestyle, affordable living and wish to call San Carlos home.

Purchasing real estate in Mexico is safe and easy.

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Selling your Home in San Carlos Mexico

selling home san carlos mexicoSelling your Home in San Carlos Mexico: if you are considering selling your home in San Carlos Mexico, then I can probably guess what is running through your mind, “How much can I get for my home?” and, “How much is this going to cost me?” Like the US,

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Buying Property on Mexico’s Coast

Foreigners who wish to acquire property situated within 50 kilometers (31 miles) of Mexico’s coast must do so through trusts administered by a Mexican bank (Fedeicomiso).

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