Rescate Grand Bazaar: February 8, 2020

The annual Rescate Grand Bazaar will be held on Saturday, February 8, 2020, from 9:00am to 2:00pm  in the Town Square by the Catholic Church (the Rescate Marketplace is cancelled today).

It will feature more than 40 vendors selling good such as beautiful jewelry and local crafts.  You can also buy delicious baked goods, hamburgers (sold by Rotary), and Tortuga’s Bloody Mary’s and drinks.

Come enjoy a stroll, browse the Market Place, and have a bite to eat and a drink. All proceeds benefit Rescate Emergency Medical Services.

Spaces are still available for rent for you to showcase and sell your wares. Please contact Fannie Mackie at 622-147-1112 or Debbie Storm 622-147-1291 to reserve your space.

Donations of baked goods as well as items for the silent auction and raffle are appreciated. Please contact Fannie Mackie (622)125-1112.

Is it time to Renew (or begin) your Rescate Membership? You can do so at the Rescate Grand Bazaar.

Remember — “It’s YOUR Life — Join Rescate”

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