Gas Wars: USA wins for gas; Mexico wins for diesel

paying for gas 2Ever wonder whether it is more economical to fill up your car in the US just before coming into Mexico, or to wait until you hit the Pemex at KM 21 and save a few pesos.
Well, the calculator has come out, the numbers have been crunched, and the results are in: US gas prices are CHEAPER than Mexico’s gas prices (unless your car or truck uses diesel — then Mexico is cheaper).

Here’s the math, based on filling up a 50 liter or 13.2086 gallon tank (as at Sept 23/13):

(amounts taken from the Circle K gas station on Mariposa Road by the Truck Crossing turn-off at HWY 189)

Regular (87 octane): 3.259 US / gallon = $43.05 US
Plus (89 octane): 3.409 US / gallon = $45.03 US (note that there is not an equivalent 89 octane at Pemex)
Premium (91 octane): 3.559 US / gallon = $47.00 US
Diesel: 3.899 US / gallon = $51.50 US

(amounts taken from the Pemex across from the San Carlos Country Club)

Magna (green (verde), 87 octane): 1.80 MXN / liter = $45.78 US
Premium (red (rojo), 92 octane): 12.36 MXN / liter = $47.95 US
Diesel = 12.16 MXN / liter = $47.18 US

As you can see, regular unleaded gas prices in the US are currently $2.70 US less than in Mexico for a 50 liter or 13.2086 gallon tank. But, for the same amount of diesel, you would save $4.32 US if you filled up at a Pemex. So while the difference isn’t huge, consider it the next time you “fill’er up” and keep some of that greenback in your own pocket.

Calculations based on the following:
1 liter = 0.264172 US gal or 1 US gal = 3.78541 liters
1 MXN = 0.0776 USD or $1 USD = 12.89 MXN (as at Sept 24/13 on

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