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Did you know we have oil painting classes right here in San Carlos? GCM, Galeria Carolina Manzano, is located in the Seascape Plaza and the talented instructor, Carolina, offers classes three days each week at a very nominal fee.

Carolina Hernandez de Manzano was born in Torreon Coahuila, Mexico and has been a resident of San Carlos since 1999. Carolina studied art with Willie Walker, Carmen Acosta, and Christine Lytwynczuk to name a few. She attended the Patricia Sanudo Academy in Whistler, Canada and also studied in Hermosillo. Carolina has exhibited her work locally and as far away as France.

Carolina and her family moved to San Carlos because it is a great place to raise a family. Carolina began offering oil painting classes in January, 2011 and two of her original students are still attending classes with her. Carolina began by offering two classes per week, and with enrollment numbers steadily increasing, is now offering classes three days per week. The classes consist of both Mexicans and Americans/Canadians of all ages. Along with learning oil painting techiniques, these classes are a great place to practice your Spanish. Carolina does speak English and instructs in Spanish or English and several of the students are bilingual.

At the first class you are placed in front of a wine bottle and a vase and instructed to draw these. After your first attempt, Carolina then instructs you on how to use different measuring techniques to get the perspective correct. She then instructs on shading. You will walk away from this class with decent full drawings that very closely resemble the original objects. Carolina provides a list of supplies needed for the class of which all are available at Super Leon in Guaymas. First class drawing materials and easels are provided.

During the second class, you are instructed on the primary colors and then how to mix other paint colors from these primary colors. You will then draw a butterfly on a board and paint this with your mixed colors and then are instructed on how to diffuse the lines. The time flies by in these classes and before you know it the four hours of class time are over and you are stiff but wanting more. In the next class, you begin drawing and painting your own chosen photos/designs. You can enroll in three classes per week, two classes per week, or only one class per week. If you need to miss a class, Carolina offers a make up class. The students have chosen an array of designs to paint from abstracts to people to landscapes to objects. It is awe inspiring just to see what everyone has accomplished.

carolinasalon2Carolina offers classes in the medium of oil for all ability levels. If you are a beginner, you can expect to learn perspective drawing and varied painting techniques. If you already have experience in another medium, why not try your hand at oil painting? Carolina is always available for any questions you may have but does not hover over you during class. Per Linda, one of Carlina’s first students who is still with her, “Carolina has a great eye, she is very patient, and very encouraging.” Linda also noted that the classes have a huge supportive atmosphere among Carolina and her students and that makes attending the classes even more desirable. Contact Carolina or attend one of the class times for more information.

Contact information: 227-0168, 044-622-120-0378 cell, 134-7014 Nextel,,
Class times: Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9:00am to 1:00pm and Saturdays from 11:00am to 3:00pm.
Class prices: 1 class/week for 1 month is 650 pesos, 2 classes/wk for 1 month is 1050 pesos, 3 classes/wk for 1 month is 1200 pesos.

By Shelly Johnson

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