Discover Sonora Mexico | Tetakawi slackline walk | Video

Discover Sonora Mexico alexander-schulz tetakawi slackline walkDiscover Sonora Mexico in this exhilarating video. Extreme adventure awaits you in Sonora, Mexico.

Alexander Schulz from Rosenheim, Germany holds the world record for longest slacklines ever walked. And, recently, he walked a 250 meter slackline between Tetakawi’s peaks — claiming it was one of his coolest lines so far!

It was also the first time a plane flew under a highline. While Alex was on the line, a Red Bull stunt plane did loops and spins around him.

What did the One Inch Dreams crew have to say about San Carlos? “Great people, the food delicious and the lifestyle so laid back. We will come back!”

san carlos Mexico tetakawi slacklinetetakawi slackline

Click here and here for more info and photos from Alex Schultz’ slackline walk between the tetas.

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