Flights to Guaymas

Flights to Guaymas aerocalafia

Flights to Guaymas / San Carlos

A few airlines offer flights to Guaymas / San Carlos Mexico.

Aeroservicio Guerrero has flights from Guaymas to Santa Rosalia, Guerrero Negro and Loreto. Telephone: (622) 221-2800

Aerocalafia has flights from Guaymas to La Paz, Los Cabos and Puerto Penasco.  Telephone: (622) 221-0511 & 221-0634

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Guaymas airport: General José María Yáñez
Airport code: GYM

Flying into Hermosillo

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It is often less expensive to fly into Hermosillo and get a ride or take the bus into San Carlos / Guaymas. Tufesa has buses that go from the Hermosillo airport to Guaymas several times a day. The cost is 115 pesos for an adult.

The closest international airport to San Carlos is in Hermosillo. Hermosillo, the capital of Sonora, is about 1.5 hours north of San Carlos.

Hermosillo has daily international flights from its friendly and easy to navigate airport (

Some of the airlines that fly to Hermosillo are:

  • American Airlines nonstop to Phoenix; and
  • AeroMexico, Avianca, Delta, WestJet, Copa, Volaris, and Interjet through Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterey to cities all over the world.

If flying from Tijuana is a good option for you, a pedestrian bridge offers easy access to the Tijuana airport from San Diego. Take the CBX, which is the cross border express, from Tijuana to the US (the cost is $16 USD).  Volaris flies from Tijuana to Hermosillo on a 1.5 hour nonstop flight (  A round trip costs about $125 USD.

You can fly from LA to Hermosillo on Volaris (through Guadalajara) for under $200 USD.

Volaris flies to many other cities in the US — check whether it departs from your home town.

You can rent a car at the Hermosillo airport for the remainder of the journey, use UBER or take a bus. You can search the available car rentals on the airport’s website.

Several international carriers service Hermosillo, including:


Telephone: (622) 222-0123 & 222-0266
Website: AeroMexico
Address: Ave. Serdán y Calle 16 No.236 Guaymas, Sonora

US Airways

Website: US Airways
Telephone: (622) 221-2266

Delta Airlines

Website: Delta

American Airlines

Website: American Airlines


Website: VivaAerobus, flies from Hermosillo around Mexico.
VivaAerobus’ hub is Monterrey. From Monterrey there are many flights to other destinations around Mexico and to Las Vegas and Houston.
Telephone (United States): +52 (818) 215-0150

Hopefully this list of airlines will help you get the best cheap flights to Guaymas / San Carlos Mexico.

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