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The Closest International Airport to San Carlos – Hermosillo

The Hermosillo International Airport, officially known as the General Ignacio Pesqueira García International Airport (HMO), serves as the primary gateway to San Carlos. Located approximately 150 kilometers (93 miles) from San Carlos, this modern airport offers both national and international flights for travelers.

Hermosillo has daily international flights from its friendly and easy to navigate airport. Some of the airlines that fly to Hermosillo are:

  • American Airlines nonstop to Phoenix; and
  • AeroMexico, Avianca, Delta, WestJet, Copa, Volaris, and Interjet through Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterey to cities all over the world.

Some common departure cities include Phoenix, Arizona, and Los Angeles, California.

You can often find flights from LA to Hermosillo on Volaris (through Guadalajara) for under $200 USD. Volaris flies to many other cities in the US — check whether it departs from your home town. Search FlightsImage

Several international carriers service Hermosillo, including:


Telephone: (622) 222-0123 & 222-0266
Website: AeroMexico
Address: Ave. Serdán y Calle 16 No.236 Guaymas, Sonora

US Airways

Website: US Airways
Telephone: (622) 221-2266

Delta Airlines

Website: Delta

American Airlines

Website: American Airlines


Website: VivaAerobus, flies from Hermosillo around Mexico.
VivaAerobus’ hub is Monterrey. From Monterrey there are many flights to other destinations around Mexico and to Las Vegas and Houston.
Telephone (United States): +52 (818) 215-0150

Hopefully this list of airlines will help you get the best cheap flights to Guaymas / San Carlos Mexico.

Airport to San Carlos Transportation Options:

Once you arrive at Hermosillo International Airport, various transportation options are available to take you to San Carlos:

a. Rental Cars: A popular choice among travelers is renting a car at the airport, providing flexibility and convenience to explore the region. Several well-known rental car companies operate at the airport, offering a range of vehicles to suit your needs. You can search the available car rentals on the airport’s website.

b. Taxis and Shuttle Services: Taxis are readily available at the airport, providing a convenient mode of transportation to San Carlos. Authorized taxis follow set prices, and it is always advisable to agree on the fare before starting your journey. Additionally, shuttle services are available for groups or those seeking a shared transportation experience.

c. Private Transportation Services / Uber: For a hassle-free experience, private transportation services can be pre-booked in advance. These services offer a personalized and comfortable journey, tailored to your requirements.

d. Tufesa has buses that go from the Hermosillo airport to Guaymas several times a day. This option takes longer as you have to transfer and wait in Hermosillo. You could take a taxi to the airport from the Tufesa station in Hermosillo.

Tijuana / San Diego Cross Border Express

If flying from Tijuana is a good option for you, a pedestrian bridge offers easy access to the Tijuana airport from San Diego. Take the CBX, which is the cross border express, from Tijuana to the US (the cost is $16 USD).  Volaris flies from Tijuana to Hermosillo on a 1.5 hour nonstop flight (  A round trip costs about $125 USD.

With Hermosillo International Airport as the closest international airport, conveniently served by direct flights from select US cities, reaching San Carlos has never been easier. Upon arrival, a range of transportation options, including rental cars, taxis, shuttle services, and pre-booked private transportation, await to ensure a smooth journey to your coastal destination. Whether you prefer the freedom of a rental car or the convenience of a taxi, you’ll find suitable choices to make your trip to San Carlos a memorable one. So, get ready to soak up the sun, feel the sand beneath your toes, and embrace the enchanting beauty of San Carlos, Mexico.

Flights to Guaymas aerocalafiaFlights to Guaymas / San Carlos

There is currently only one airline offering flights to Guaymas / San Carlos Mexico.

Aeroservicio Guerrero has flights from Guaymas to Guerrero Negro (to see the whales). Telephone: (622) 221-2800; 1 800 823-3153.

Guaymas airport: General José María Yáñez
Airport code: GYM

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Map: Aeropuerto Internacional General José Maria Yáñez

Map: Aeropuerto Internacional de Hermosillo

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