Repaving the Ranchito Road

road repairThe Commisario is working on a project to repair and repave the Ranchito road from Beltrones toward Nacapule Canyon. Town Meeting re Repaving Ranchitos Road

Update March 9, 2014, after Town Meeting

Great turnout at El Mar for “THE ROAD”

At the head table today:
Our Commissario: Efrain Soto
Translator: Rodolfo Velazquez
Contractor: Engineer Juan Antonio Rivera Romo (Contractor)
City Council Engineer Roberto Romano Terrazas (Guayams City Councilman)
70 – 80 interested San Carlosians were in attendance.

Lots of questions and I believe all were answered to the satisfaction
of those who asked or were in attendance.

19 new contributors (see the list)

the road

Most notable: $2,000 USD from Phyllis Lilischkies at Siesta Realty

Phyllis has issued a challenge to the other real estate Co in San
Carlos to match or beat her contribution for the improvement. So come
on down!!

Contributors to date:

Loma Del Mar
San Carlos Community Church (Pledge)
Ron Hurley
Todd and Lisa Button-Row
Bob Taylor
Bill Pool
T and T Landscaping
Bud Martin (pledge)
Tidbit the pup
Wayneo Koncan (pledge)
Jimmy and Jeanella Mathis
Steve and Linda Holder
Larry St Ong
Joe Scorsone
Bill Molden (pledge)
Susan & Dick Di Schino (pledge)
Gretchen Bates (pledge)
Sons of Fredom
Frank Bonifacio Sr
Jim and Sue Svedese
Bobby & Lisa Unser (pledge)
RPM Buster (pledge)
Elaine Osterberg
Sue Marston
Alex Vanvelcer
Andy Quick
Janet Beaty
Craig Johnson
Jack Swenson
Sandy Fahrenwald
Phyllis Lilischkies (pledge)
Neil Christenson
Charles L Kerchner
Burt and Bonie Cordingley
Jim Wilson
Bill Walsh
Hector Scarcellin
Rocco Melito
Andy Mcveigh
Gary Huston
Roy Crippen
Jim and Arleen Scott

Thank you all
by Goerge Gadsby and Cory Saulsberry (Loma Del Mar)

February 18, 2014

The Commisario is working on a project to repair the roads from Beltrones toward Nacapule Canyon and is asking for financial support from the community. The paved part of the road covers the way up “H” to Calle 8, on to Tercera, out Ave “L” and on to Primara then to Lomas Del Mar and Loma Del Mar.

These roads are used by almost everyone who lives or travels north of the Beltrones Rd. The road has been called the “Loma Del Mar Road” but it is much more than that. Most of us are on the roads several times a day when we are here. There have been many heartfelt, volunteer efforts to repair the hundreds of pot holes on these roads but the patches usually are temporary at best. Many complain but few do anything beyond voicing their upset at the condition of these roads. A lot of the wear and tear is caused by the fully loaded beer and soda trucks as well as the Dump trucks, back hoes and front loaders. But we all use it. The Commisario will be asking Coke, Pepsi, Tecate and Pacifico to chip in to help with the repairs.

These are the questions I (George) asked the Commisario:

What is the scope or type of work being proposed?
way to repair the street nacapule
What is the proposed budget for the job?
$ 400,000.00 pesos

How many offers have been made for the proposed work?
4 and this is the best

What type of material would be used?

How long will it work?
1 week

When I went to start work?
when we collected the money

What is the guarantee or warranty?
5 years

How do you take the money out.
someone who is involved in the project will be saved

What happens to the money if the project does not occur, or if not in the middle?
the money is returned

A collection has already been taken up in the Loma Del Mar development and while it is substantial it is far from the 400,000 pesos that is the best bid. The Comisario feels very confident that he will be able to get matching funds from Guaymas if the residents of San Carlos are able to raise half of the cost of the project. i.e., 200,000 from the residents who use the road most.

If you are willing to participate in the project you can contact me. I will collect the money. I will give it to the Association at Loma Del Mar to hold safely.

I estimate there is somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 families in the Area north of Beltrones and not in Loma Del Mar. If 100 families will each donate $100 USD or the peso equivalent we can raise $10,000 or about ¼ the total cost of the project. I will provide a full and timely accounting of all funds collected until the project is complete.

We have put a drop dead date on the project of St Patrick’s Day, March 17th 2014. If we do not have enough raised by that date all moneys will be returned.

How about it? Are you in for $100 US or more? You know you want it. Our $100 is already in the pot,

s/s George Gadsby
576 Ave “F” Ranchitos

A short history of the road..
History of the Nacapule Road: In the beginning there was dirt and cactus. Then Imobilaria Loma Del Mar paved the road out to the East gate of Loma del Mar. Most of the costs for this were recovered from the Membership of the LDM community over a period of some years. I believe the original agreement was that once built the City of Guaymas would maintain the road but I’ve seen no written agreement. Obviously the City never took responsibility for the road.

The history of the road from our SE corner to Lomas Del Mar is far more recent and available should it become pertinent.

Cory Saulsberry (Loma Del Mar)


Town Meeting re Repaving the Ranchitos Road, March 7, 2014

<img style=”width: 215px; height: 300px; margin-right: 10px; border: 0; outline: none; text-decoration: none; -ms-interpolation-mode: bicubic;” src=”” alt=”” width=”215″ height=”300″ align=”left” />Everyone is invited to a San Carlos Town Meeting at El Mar Restaurant on March 7 at 3:00pm.

It will take a community effort to fix the Ranchitos road.

The Comisario, Road Contractor and Loma del Mar representatives will all be at the meeting.

If you have concerns, comments, suggestions or just want to help with this project, you should be at this meeting.

For more information on the project, <a style=”word-wrap: break-word; -ms-text-size-adjust: 100%; -webkit-text-size-adjust: 100%; color: #336699; font-weight: normal; text-decoration: underline;” href=”” target=”_self”>click here</a>.

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