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On Saturday, March 10, 2018 at 12:00pm, the Ranchitos School PTA and the San Carlos Rotary Club will host their annual Rotary Carne Asada Fiesta.

This event will be held at the Ranchitos Primary School (turn on Calle 3 and follow the signs).

There will be special musical and dance presentations including folklorico dancing and mariachi music.

An authentic Mexican carne asada meal will be prepared and served by the parents of the children who attend this school. There will also be a no-host bar and raffle tickets for sale and an auction.

Don’t miss out on this special event! Come for the food (Carne Asada), entertainment, drinks and fun. It’s the cutest show in town. The food is tasty and plentiful and there is excellent entertainment. But the show stoppers are always the brightly costumed students from the Ranchitos school who perform several traditional dances.

The cost is 300 pesos ($16 USD) per person. Purchase your tickets from any Rotarian or from the San Carlos Gym, Santa Rosa and in front of CiBanco. Everyone is welcome. All proceeds support school improvements at the Ranchitos Primary and Kindergarten school.


This event is co-sponsored annually by the PTA Parents of the schools and the San Carlos Rotary Club. All proceeds are donated to the Kindergarten and the Primary schools for use in their capital improvement and maintenance programs. Rotary Clubs from several states provided the original funds to build the Primaria. Over the last few years, the Carne Asada funds have added ramadas at both schools, a new school library for the Primaria and a large storage bodega for the Primaria. The Rotary also rebuilt the playground area at the Kindergarten.

Rotary Carne Asada Videos

Kindergarten, 1st level

Kindergarten, 3rd level

Grades 4 and 5, elementary


2010 Video

carne asada Bob MettlewskyDid you know? This school was founded by Dixie Gleason, a Rotarian. She noticed that there was no school for the San Carlos kids and took it upon herself to get a building, hire a teacher, raise the necessary money, get the permission, and put up the signs announcing when the first day of school would be. 58 kids showed up! She arranged for another classroom, another teacher and went to work getting the funds from the people in San Carlos. Dixie is still in San Carlos. Lately she can be found selling Carne Asada tickets in front of Banamex. When you stop by to buy your ticket, ask Dixie to tell you her story.

Rotary Carne Asada Photos

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by Stephanie Boyle

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CarneAsada CarneAsada-2
CarneAsada5 CarneAsada12
CarneAsada16 CarneAsada19
CarneAsada26 CarneAsada27
CarneAsada8 CarneAsada14
CarneAsada15 CarneAsada7
CarneAsada20 CarneAsada11
CarneAsada21 CarneAsada23
CarneAsada24 CarneAsada28
CarneAsada32 CarneAsada34
CarneAsada30 CarneAsada35

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