Yacht Club Parade of Lights: December 26, 2021

Yacht Club Parade of Lights: December 26, 20201

Once again, the San Carlos Yacht club is proud to host the Lighted Boat Parade.

An outstanding response from the marine community in San Carlos should provide for what will be an exciting parade. In addition, professional tour boats are invited to participate.

Starting at sunset, on December 26, the boats will assemble in the Bahia. They will follow a route that will take them past Isla San Nicholas to enter the Posada Beach bay. The first viewing point will be El Mar and La Palapa Griega restaurants where the boats are scheduled to make two passes by circling in the bay.

The boats will then parade towards Charly’s Rock traveling in the channel of the shore side of Honeymoon Island. The boats will turn towards shore and pass along San Francisco beach. They will then look for the last bonfire on the beach before turning out to sea. All the boats will be making a large turn back towards Charly’s Rock and again will travel along the beach. The fleet will then be turning out to sea at Charley’s Rock for the return parade back to the Bahia.

All boats are invited to “deck out” your vessels with holiday decorations and cruise in the Parade of Lights.

For more information and to register your boat, contact Kathy at karodge@earthlink.net.

On behalf of all the members of the San Carlos Yacht Club, we invite all of the community, outside guests, and visiting families, to join in this beloved annual event.

Watch the Boat Parade of Lights at:

The following is from last year …. more 2021 info coming soon:

  • El Mar restaurant: Join us at El Mar Restaurant on Christmas Eve for a special dinner and to watch the Annual Parade of Lights. Call for reservations at 622-226-1008.
  • La Palapa Griega: Celebrate Christmas Eve and watch the Boat Parade of Lights beachfront at La Palapa Griega. Vote for your favorite boat while you enjoy La Palapa Griega’s famous All-you-can-eat BBQ baby back ribs served with Greek salad and baked potato for 280 pesos. Several other items off the menu will also be available, like shrimp tequila, lamb shank or ribeye. Reservations are recommended by calling 622-227-3751 or 226-1888, or stop by the restaurant.
  • Los Arbolitos de Cajeme: On Christmas Eve, enjoy a delicious dinner buffet at Los Arbolitos de Cajeme. What a perfect spot to watch the Lighted Boat Parade while enjoying a variety of all-you-can-eat buffet dishes including marlin quesadillas, sailor’s rice, salad, Spaghetti Bolognese, Fettuccine Alfredo with chicken, breaded shrimp, fish filet, and dessert. You’ll also enjoy all-you-can-drink Margaritas, red or white wine, and yellow shots. The dinner and drinks buffet is available from 5:00pm – 8:00pm (prior to 5:00pm, the regular menu is available).  Tickets are $25 USD or 500 pesos, and can be purchased from the restaurant. Call today for your reservation at 622-226-0076.

Yacht Club Parade of Lights Video

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