Birding Report: January 6

birding report Wilsons warbler by Fred GauntWelcome to 2016 Dear Birders

We had 19 at our birding outing last Thursday. It was a very birdy day and we had over 74 species. Esterito Cafe was full of herons. We had Black and Yellow-crowned Night Herons, the Little Blue, Great Blue, Tri-colored and Green Herons as well as the Snowy and Great Egrets. The sighting of the Green Heron was the first of the season. He is a crafty little guy and sticks close to the mangroves, blending in with the shoreline perfectly. Our other herons are less timid and are usually seen easily.

At El Palmar, the warblers were putting on a show in one of the bushes. There were the Orange-crowned, Yellow-rumped and our Bird of the Week: The Wilson´s Warbler. Fred Gaunt, one of our birders, took this wonderful photo on Thursday. Who could resist that sweet face and little black cap on the top of his head? These little birds are winter visitors, like many of us. According to iBirdPro, they like to search the outsides of leafy branches and will often catch flying insects like a flycatcher. If you want to attract them, they like sugar water, fruit and nut pieces. We have been seeing a lot of them recently.

Place of the Week is Piedras Pintas Beach. This is easily accessed. Just turn left before you start the climb to the Mirador lookout on the west side. This beach is known as a good snorkeling and diving spot more than for birding, but we saw a nice selection of birds this week within a short walk around the area. Highlights were a good viewing of the Gray Vireo and the Ladder-backed Woodpecker as well as a Rock Squirrel posing on a bush for almost five minutes. If the Bird of the Week wasn´t restricted to birds, I would have been tempted to make it our little squirrel.

The Birding Group will meet, as usual, this coming Thursday at 8:00am at the Esterito Cafe at the end of Bahía San Carlos. All are welcome.

You can e-mail me with questions and/or comments at [email protected]

By Mary Tannehill

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