Birding with Dave: April 21

Last week, four intrepid birders trekked south to Obregon for a beautiful day of birding. We arrived at our spot on the Rio Yaqui and got busy! We looked up to find the Rose-throated Becards busy building their nest for the season. There was a really pretty male with a bright rose-colored throat!

Eh, what was that bird call (squawk)? It came from a group of White-fronted parrots perched right above our heads in the huge cottonwood trees. There were also many Social flycatchers, Black-bellied whistling ducks, and many, many, Phainopepla!

Behind us on the waterfront, the Green kingfisher was ruining the day for the minnows while the Sinaloa crows were taking in the whole scene. We also saw a lovely Orchard Oriole who makes the Hooded Oriole look merely masked.

On the way to the Lakeside Restaurant, we stopped off at a huge rookery filled with Blue Herons, Double-Crested Cormorants and Great Egrets. They were all sharing the same trees. Some of the egrets were still sitting on the nests but the Cormorants all appeared to have babies. Some were almost ready to fledge and others just had their little heads peaking up. It was a very amazing site.

Also on that trip to the restaurant we stopped at a fenced pond along the road to check out some swallows. Upon leaving the car, we saw what we thought was a wounded Kildeer (pictured above on left) – but no, it wasn’t wounded but valiantly trying to lure us away from the nest which we couldn’t even see. Finally one person in our group spotted the four eggs right out in the open but camouflaged well (see picture on right).

We ended up seeing 63 species for the day – this is certainly a magical place for birding.

Happy Birding! by Dave Verner.
Photo of eggs taken by Mary Tannehill

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