Things to do with Kids

There are plenty of fun things to do with Kids in San Carlos and Guaymas Sonora Mexico. Here are a few of them

Horseback Riding: Fun for the whole family and usually a trip highlight for the kids.

Beaches: Soft sand, gentle slopes and minimal surf make the shore lines very kid friendly. A couple buckets and a shovel can keep the kids happily occupied for hours.

Boat Tour: Boat tours are another family fun activity, especially if they include sealion and dolphin viewing or snorkeling.

Snorkel & Dive: With many great snorkel and diving spots just off shore, the kids don’t have to swim far to see all kinds of aquatic wildlife. For the more adventurous, there’s even snorkeling with sealions.

Kids Park: The kids park in Guaymas has many family-fun diversions.

May 102012
Parque Infantil (Kids Park) Guaymas

The “Parque Infantil” (Kids Park) in Guaymas is located about a mile south of Colegio Americano. The park includes many kids favorites like mary-go-arounds, pirate ship, live entertainment, miniature golf, go-karts, and lots more.

Apr 202012
Tide Pool Discovery

An excellent San Carlos pass time, especially with younger member of the family, is exploring tide pools. One of my favorite locations is by the Marina Terra Beach Club.The tide pools are created when the tide goes out, leaving seawater in isolated depressions in the rocks. Numerous colorful and interesting organisms call the tide pools [read more …]