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San Carlos mexico divingSan Carlos Mexico Diving & Snorkeling

Bath water warm water, endless visibility, beach or boat access, fish, sea lion, rays, shark … with all of this available at tons of snorkel and dive spots, what are you waiting for? Dive San Carlos!

Scuba Diving:

San Carlos Mexico has great diving in the Sea of Cortez. The shores of San Carlos offer many opportunities for divers (free and scuba) with a variety of interesting diving sites, training classes, and rental equipment.

Contact one of the many local dive shops for information on renting dive equipment and to arrange a guide and boat tour.


The snorkeling in this area is excellent, with many coves, arches and rocky outcrops to keep you busy. You will see a ton of starfish, eels, octopus and different colored fish (including sergeant majors and angel fish).

Contact one of the many local dive shops for information on renting snorkeling equipment (fins, mask, snorkel, life jacket).

Before you head out, check the weather.

Suchiate sunken boat | Dive & Snorkel San Carlos

The former SUCHIATE BI-05 naval vessel was sunk to form part of a large reef system for diving and snorkeling in San Carlos, Sonora.

Santos sunken boat | Dive & Snorkel San Carlos

The Santos was sunk on March 3, 2022 to make an artificial reef for divers and snorkelers here in San Carlos.

Scuba Diving San Carlos Mexico

Scuba diving San Carlos Mexico: you’ve got to “sea” it to believe it.

San Carlos Mexico has great diving in the Sea of Cortez. The Sea of Cortez is recognized as having one of the greatest varieties and diversity of marine life in the world. Jacques Cousteau famously called it “the world’s aquarium”.

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Diving Cold Water

Staying warm and comfortable begins with having the right exposure protection and a good fitting suit. Around here, we’re talking at least a full 7 mm wetsuit together with a set of 6.5/7 mm boots, 5 mm gloves and a 6.5/7 mm hood.

Konch Korner: Shells in San Carlos Mexico

List of common and exotic shells found in San Carlos Mexico. Interesting Marine Life also comes in small packages in the Gulf of California (Sea of Cortez). Discover the variety, shape and color of these shells … you can find them all while diving, snorkeling and walking the beaches in San Carlos Sonora.

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San Pedro Island | San Carlos Sonora

Discover beautiful and exciting San Pedro Island! Snorkeling & Diving with the Sealions at San Pedro Island is only 1 – 2 hours from San Carlos Sonora Mexico

Boating San Carlos

If you’ve discovered the exciting world of recreational boating, San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico is the place for you.

Poseidon Wreck Dive | Diving San Carlos Mexico on Poseidon’s Mistress

Diving the wreck of Poseidons Mistress which sunk in hurricane Juliet in 2001. The wreck is located 47 miles north of San Carlos, Sonora Mexico.

Marina Terra | Snorkel Dive

Marina Terra San Carlos is a great place to snorkel or dive where you’ll see Parrot Fish, Trigger Fish, Angel (King & Cortez), Blenny, Puffer, Wrasse, Rays, Sergeant major, and huge star fish

Soggy Peso Snorkel

A little aquarium exists just off shore where you can find Stonefish, Rock lobster, Sergeant majors, King angles, Small octopus, crabs and sting rays

Piedra Pintas | Snorkel Dive San Carlos

This is a beautiful little cove with great snorkeling & scuba up and around both points. It’s fun to frolic in the water under the watchful eye of Tetakawi.

Isla Pastel | Snorkel, dive, kayak and boat

Snorkel, dive, kayak and boat to explore the islands, arches and underwater treasures. Isla Pastel is located across from Condominios Pilar and the mouth of the estuary.

Cliff diving and snorkeling at Punta Cuevas

Check out this video features cliff diving and snorkeling at Punta Cuevas. This cove is also an excellent place to kayak and scuba dive. Punta Cuevas is the point that juts out from the beach at the Marina Terra beach club.

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