La Manga Kindergarten Spring Celebration 2015

la manga celebration of springThe La Manga Kindergarten Spring Celebration was on Friday, March 20th, 2015. It was at least the eigth or ninth event that the young kindergarten teacher, Monica Alvarez Luna de Velasquez, has organized in La Manga. Last school year was Monica’s first year of teaching. The members of her family are La Manga residents, her mother Doña Cita Alvarez, a former cook at Soggy Peso, and her father Don Aaron Luna, a fisherman. She is the wife of Jose Alberto Velasquez, who is a grill chef at Sunset Bar & Grill on Algodones Beach. She has two adorable daughters, Karla, now in first grade at the La Manga elementary school, and Jennifer Andrea, who is 2 years old and goes to kindergarten daily with Monica.

Last year Monica had her own daughter Karla in the Kindergarten and I am sure that highly motivated her to create events for all the kindergarten children and all the children of La Manga. She is student in the teachers’ training program of CONAFE, the organization that promotes education in rural areas.

The celebration started with a parade that began at the by the store at the entrance to La Manga, led by two floats that blasted dance music and each carried a King and Queen. One float held this year’s kindergarten King Jose Urdina Soto and Queen Evelin Soto Picos and the other float, this year’s preschool King Enrique Varela Soto and Queen Andrea Velasquez Luna. In the parade were participants from San Carlos, Empalme Valley and La Manga, both adults and children. The joyful parade, really celebrating spring, proceeded through the village and up the hill past Doña Rosita’s restaurant, where the staff and owners came outside to admire and applaud the parade. After proceeding back down hill, the participants entered the Community Center, a building with only two sides and open in front and back.

Each of the kindergarten classes’ groups of mothers and all the teachers of the children performed dances. As a finale, there was a fashion show of outfits made from recyclable materials. What was so special about the day was the incredible enjoyment of the  families and the love and admiration demonstrated toward the children. A highlight was the beautifully choreographed dances presented.

The La Manga kindergarten mothers sold out with their vegetable chalupas, fish tacos, and jamaica drinks and the earnings from the sales went to support improvements in the kindergarten building.  San Carlos residents sent donations of school materials for the kindergartens’ use.

The next La Manga childrens’ event will take place on April 30th at 10:00 am for Dia del Niño, or Day of the Child.  That event will be at the kindergarten and benefit the secondary school (secundaria), which is the junior high school. This will be a Kermesse, a community party with dances, food, music, and sometimes games. Please come and enjoy the day with this friendly and delightful community.

For more information please email me at; Janet Shepard

by Janet Shepard

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