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Even though a lot of us will be leaving for the summer, please remember that the cats and dogs of San Carlos will still be here and need your help. SBPA offers, free of charge, spay-neuter certificates. These certificates are for persons in the community who are unable to afford this service. It is also for strays, homeless and abandoned or feral animals. We also have traps that can be lent, with a refundable deposit, to trap feral animals. Please be aware that if you trap a stray, homeless, abandoned or feral animal, you need to be willing to take care of it for a few days after it has been spay-neutered. To get a certificate or use a trap or for information, please call Gwen at 226-1460. Carmelita at Carmelita’s Nursery also has spay-neuter certificates.

The SBPA has been spay-neutering animals in San Carlos since 1995. We want to thank all of San Carlos for their generosity in supporting this service over the years. Please check out our web site:

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